Dearly Beloved

17 Jun

I am on a modified strike. What does this entail? The bare minimum. I will only do what is absolutely necessary. Outside of that, nothing. Every time I undertake anything it bombs disastrously. Take today for instance. Decided to have a much needed day off from school. Was going to lay outside on the rocks and bask in the warm sun. Only it is hazy outside. So not sunny. I was going to go eat dinner, but my stupid printer has decided that it will not print multiple copies. Nope, rather than nourishing myself, I am now stuck sitting here, printing individually. It is irritating to say the least. Albeit I am used to it by now, for long school hours and plenty of work has kept me from eating much lately. Hence the lethargy.

Tried to take a nice relaxing bubble bath yesterday… and I kept falling asleep (new theory: I am going to die drowning in a bathtub because of my bubble-naps). I am a racoon-eyed yawning, hungry, pale, overworked, stressed out sad-sack who keeps snapping at people. It did not help matters when in morning rushhour my travel mug full of my precious green tea decided to start leaking all over me. Thankfully I found a nice replacement the very next day at Yorkdale, why I am sipping from it… riiiight… noooow. What I did not find however was the cupcake undies I had found on the PINK (by Victoria’s Secret) website. Nor did I find any romper pyjamas. For a decent price. Victoria’s Secret did have a pair… for $20! Yeesh.

Therefore: I am on strike, not from work (P.S.  Photo remains unaffected). I am on strike from everything else.


All I wanted were some cupcakes on my ass 😦

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