19 Jun

I know people grumbled when Ford was elected mayor that public transit was going to be hit with cutbacks. But this is ridiculous.

I was at the streetcar stop waiting for the streetcar and a bus passed, so I texted the info number to see when the streetcar was arriving, it said 7 minutes, so I decided to wait (no point taking the bus). Then I got impatient, texted again, 4 minutes. Then another bus came. I texted again, 2 minutes. 2 minutes pass, nothing, 3 minutes pass, nothing. The bus was still waiting there. I texted info again…. it said 22 minutes! The streetcar was too far along the route to have short-turned at Kipling… IT DISAPPEARED FROM THE TRACKS. That is the only reasonable explanation. I got on the bus (which was STILL waiting at Mimico) and sat there, anxiously looking out the window. We sat there for at least 5 more minutes before (FINALLY!) leaving… and still no sign of the streetcar! I kid you not!

True story.


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