23 Jun

It has occurred to me recently that I have been witness to quite a few building demolitions. The old creepy Coffee Time by Park Lawn, the Russian restaurant and bar and travel agency (three separate places within one structure) at Mimico and now the SNC Lavalin building at Park Lawn and Lakeshore. I have seen 3 seperate building demolitions. No wait, 4. I also saw them tearing down the old CAMH building (it looked so insanely creepy, exposed rooms, hanging wires, still some window frames). Four demolitions. Did a single one of them involve dynamite like in the movies?! NO. So not fair. I wanna see a giant implosion. I really do not want to have to resort to sticking fireworks in a watermelon (that has been done to death anyways no?).

I would have better photos of the SNC Lavalin one, but I was running and only had my cellphone with me. This has inadvertently prompted me to crave purchasing a point & shoot digital camera. Given mine (finally!) broke last year. I had the damn thing for what 6 years? It was so close to dying maybe 3 years ago? The shutter wouldn’t close properly and the lens never fully retracted. It was bad. And it ate batteries like Cookie Monster eats cookies.

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