*loud noises*

28 Jun

As I was running back home today, I heard some really loud crashing noises and it alarmed me. It was that same SNC Lavalin construction site. It was so cool! The crane would smack down the roof and a whole piece of the building would come *CRASH*ing down. And they were spraying it down with a hose to keep dust at a minimum.


In other news: wow, do TV producers ever know how to milk an entertaining storyline. Bentley (the ass, who talked smack) was brought back on The Bachelorette, causing such a stir and quite the drama drama drama. I love summer TV, now if they would just bring back True Beauty and Dating In The Dark. But America’s Got Talent is on fire this year!!! I just demand more. Only 2 hours a week over 2 days?! Come on! Last year it was 4 hours over two days!!


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