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Clever Bird & Burgers

On the menu today: we went out for breakfast AND for lunch. What a treat 🙂

For breakfast we went to School Bakery & Cafe (voted best brunch in the city) located in Liberty Village. This place does brunch right. When you order coffee, it is bottomless. Which was a surprise at first, I was like what?! what is going on? The buttermilk pancakes were delicious and perfectly made. They had just a few blueberries in them and a blackberry-confiture on top. There was just a tiny dollop of whipped cream atop it and the maple syrup came on the side… in a shot glass, not a sticky container used by everyone.

While we sat at the cafe waiting for our food, on the patio of course. There was a small sparrow slowly inching her way inside, she started out on the floor of the inside, looking for crumbs. It being early in the morning, none were to be found, so she hopped up onto the chair and from there on to the table. From the table she had the perfect vantage point, the jackpot: trays of freshly baked muffins! She quietly flew over and landed on one and just went to town. She was there for almost a minute before anyone did anything about it! The dismaying part is that they did not take the muffin down from the counter. They left the bird-pecked muffin there!!

For lunch we went to Apache Burger (which apparently Tie Domi loves, his photo was on the wall from four different occasions). The burgers were OK, but there was too much bun and not enough meat. The real winner was the onion rings. Not being a fan of onions, let alone onion rings, I risked it and took a bite. And to my dismay it tasted good! No spit-takes, no outrage, just mmm….

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Mimico? The Moon? CONSPIRACIES??

A conspiracy is underfoot here in fair old Mimico (fun fact: Mimico means land of the pigeons). First, Florentina’s Italian Eatery went belly up…after less than 4 months! Cheaply priced Italian food, how can you go wrong?! Alone, yeah that seems plausible I guess, restaurant business being a risky investment. But Grillicious only got a “conditional pass” from health inspector! (I don”t know what is more worrisome, the fact that they have a conditional pass OR that they only had an inspection recently, having been open for about a year now?). A conspiracy is underfoot. Open your eyes people! Both these eateries sit in a plaza strip… right on the waterfront. Well kinda, the pool & waterfront path are in front of it, but still,  close enough to claim “waterfront real estate“. Everyone down here was up in arms when a proposal was made to bash down the apartment buildings and make way for “better” living quarters (i.e.: condos, condos that could not be afforded by the folks living in the original buildings). Next logical step would be to bash down the plaza. It has already happened once before, over near Park Lawn where there was a crappy old Coffee Time we now have a horrid eyesore of a half-built condo. I say the condo people did some bribing and are like salivating rabid wolves just waiting for the coin-op laundromat, dog grooming place and chicken shack to go down. Just waiting.

When I mentioned this to someone, the exchange went a little like this:

me: (says the above)
respondent: Everything will be condos in 15 years.
me: nuhuh. Not if we colonize the moon and everyone lives in space domes. Duh.
respondent: Space dome condos. Double duh.
me: Impractical use of space. Duh backfire. (notice the pun in the use of the word space)
respondent: Totally practical. In lower gravity it would be much easier to build vertically.
me:  Yes. But are people ready to live on the 200th floor? Acclimating to living on the moon will provechallengingenough,butaddalltheheight?+ You will be blocking out the sun!Nolightnowarmth. *lawyered* (the spacebar on my QWERTY keyboard was being a jerk and not responding)
respondent: Morelikespacebarred. (notice the pun)

I am just saying: if you look objectively at the cold hard facts… there is a massive conspiracy underfoot. Not unlike my iPod purposely trying to make me nostalgic and my sister’s plant that she brought home from biology class trying to kill me, or at least make me really miserable and uncomfortable (it seems I am very allergic to it).

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Pie, Tea & Cookies?!

Yesterday we set out (after eating Big Smoke Burgers, the best! Also formerly known as Craft Burger) to find Toronto’s best tea shop, aptly named House of Tea. And was it ever! Walls & walls of loose-leaf tea! I had come home to roost. The woman who runs the shop is very knowledgeable when it comes to tea, for instance: I had no idea that green tea leaves are not as processed and therefore should be steeped in water slightly cooler than boiling, otherwise the tea leaves get ruined (flavour-wise and nutrient-wise). And so far, yeah my tea tastes better (even tea that I did not purchase there). The tea itself was rather expensive, but very much so worth it. The mango green tea is to die for! She also gave me a sample of a rose & jasmine green tea that is equally as good. But it’s not just about the quality of the tea, it’s about the experience as a whole. The woman was so nice, she added to my tea drinking experience, giving me tips on how to properly store my tea as well. Before this I apparently was doing everything wrong, now I know 😉

What’s tea without some pie & cookies to go along with it? Wanda’s Pie in the Sky was voted best pie AND cookies in the city. Pie, yes. Cookie, no. The cookie was good, really good. But in the end it loses to Artisano’s pudding-based cookies (pudding!). The pie however, oh my. It was amazing. I had chocolate pecan pie, which was just as good as it sounds. Brent had the sour cherry pie, which I was wary of, but it was amazing. I have never been much of a pie person, especially fruit pies, but now I seem to be a convert. Thanks Wanda!

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Hey Good Lookin’

How’s about everyone comes out this Sunday, July 17, from 11am-4pm,  for a nice culture-filled day at LakeShore Art’s first annual art show & sale Art Squared being held in Mimico Square park (at Mimico & Lakeshore). If anything you can simply enjoy the nice breeze off the lake and the pool and the cafe. Or you know, buy my art, it’s all good.

I expect at least one person to show up, other than my mom, who has promised to bring me a shawarma from Grillicious.

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Sheep’s Milk Shwhat?!

Yesterday we ventured to Dufferin Grove Park for the (organic) farmer’s market, voted best in the city. It was pretty good, though neither of us actually ended up buying anything. We went to Zoots afterwards for dinner… only to find that it was closed. So we rushed back to the farmer’s market to find something to eat for dinner. We settled on bruschetta, organic hot dogs (two words that do not go together, but it tasted good!) and for dessert: sheep’s milk ice cream. Tasted like regular ice cream. Alas, this was not enough of a dessert for two people (we split a small cone for fear of it being gross) so we had a gluten-free (not taste-free) brownie and chocolate chip cookie. All in all, it was worth the five minute walk.

Beforehand I had done a mini-triathalon of sorts, having biked to a business meeting, then walked to the pool, swam, walked to the market. So I was hungry before we met up… I wandered into Brown Sugar  Bakery & Deli on Queen St. and had a (delicious!) lemon meringue tart.

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Best of the Blurst

Recently, me and Brent took up eating at Toronto’s best eateries, as per a bunch of Best Of lists. Here it is so far:

Best Cappuccino: was said to be at Sam James Coffee Bar (SJCB). I disagree. It wasn’t so much a cappuccino, as it was more of a latte. Not enough milk foam, too much milk. BUT the espresso in it, tasted really good. Maybe that is what it was supposed to be about? And the preetty art atop it, made it that much better. The place did scream hipster though.

That being said, the best latte I have had in the city so far was from Big Guy’s Coffee Shop (at Queen & Ronces) it was so tasty and you could tell that they use good high quality espresso. Both these cafes do, it didn’t have that burnt bitter flavour to it, it was more of a nutty richness. Best selection of organic and shadegrown coffee (as in they have more than one brew!) is at Birds and the Beans (they have four different ones usually: house, which is actually a good brew, bold, feature and decaf).

Best sandwich was a weird experience for me. We went to The Fish Store & Sandwiches. I was immediately reassured (for I had been worried, “fish sandwich” does not sound very appetizing, sounds generic greasy & gross). There they have a selection of fresh fish to choose from and they fry it when you order. I had a calamari sandwich and towards the end when I bit into it I came across a teensy tentacle with suckers on it. Mildly disconcerting. When I did bite that though, I had two of the small tentacles STICKING OUT OF MY MOUTH as I finished biting. Weird weird weird…. but so delicious!! How delicious you ask? Well, I ate some tomatoes that I was too lazy to pick out, THAT delicious. And I ate the whole thing.

I also (inadvertently) ate the city’s best shawarma. And daaaamn was it good! They make a good garlic hummus there, and they listen when you say you just want a little bit of hot sauce (unlike that lady in the Subway in Mississauga who just smothered my sandwich in hot sauce, I was eating it on the bus and it was just embarrassing). Also already covered are: ice cream and steak and bibimbap (separately mind you), and it was so long ago.

Best pizza was pretty good, from Bitondo’s. It definitely beat out places like Pizza Pizza and the like. It tasted really good for a good price. BUT it does not hold a candle to Vesuvio’s. I still say THAT is the best pizza in the city. And second best I have ever had. No one will ever beat the woodfired oven pizza I had in Amish country, Shipshewana, Indiana.

Up next: city’s best Farmer’s Market, held on Thursdays in Dufferin Grove Park, across from Dufferin Mall.
Coming up later: best ribs, BBQ chicken & donut (all from the same place!!) and best cookies & pie, and best tea and best bulk food store.

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Lesson Learned

We decided that we would stop at Bulk Barn on our way out of Dixie rather than our way in this time around. It seemed simple enough, less baggage to cart around while shopping. Well, when you bike for almost an hour to Dixie  and then spend two hours wandering and shopping… you get mighty hungry. The demons that be, tempting me every step of the bulk filled aisles, were that much stronger, given the hunger & tiredness. Amazingly I did not come out of there broke. I still spent way too much and will lament the forthcoming stomachache. NOT brought on by watching The Bachelorette I’ll have you know!

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