Best of the Blurst

06 Jul

Recently, me and Brent took up eating at Toronto’s best eateries, as per a bunch of Best Of lists. Here it is so far:

Best Cappuccino: was said to be at Sam James Coffee Bar (SJCB). I disagree. It wasn’t so much a cappuccino, as it was more of a latte. Not enough milk foam, too much milk. BUT the espresso in it, tasted really good. Maybe that is what it was supposed to be about? And the preetty art atop it, made it that much better. The place did scream hipster though.

That being said, the best latte I have had in the city so far was from Big Guy’s Coffee Shop (at Queen & Ronces) it was so tasty and you could tell that they use good high quality espresso. Both these cafes do, it didn’t have that burnt bitter flavour to it, it was more of a nutty richness. Best selection of organic and shadegrown coffee (as in they have more than one brew!) is at Birds and the Beans (they have four different ones usually: house, which is actually a good brew, bold, feature and decaf).

Best sandwich was a weird experience for me. We went to The Fish Store & Sandwiches. I was immediately reassured (for I had been worried, “fish sandwich” does not sound very appetizing, sounds generic greasy & gross). There they have a selection of fresh fish to choose from and they fry it when you order. I had a calamari sandwich and towards the end when I bit into it I came across a teensy tentacle with suckers on it. Mildly disconcerting. When I did bite that though, I had two of the small tentacles STICKING OUT OF MY MOUTH as I finished biting. Weird weird weird…. but so delicious!! How delicious you ask? Well, I ate some tomatoes that I was too lazy to pick out, THAT delicious. And I ate the whole thing.

I also (inadvertently) ate the city’s best shawarma. And daaaamn was it good! They make a good garlic hummus there, and they listen when you say you just want a little bit of hot sauce (unlike that lady in the Subway in Mississauga who just smothered my sandwich in hot sauce, I was eating it on the bus and it was just embarrassing). Also already covered are: ice cream and steak and bibimbap (separately mind you), and it was so long ago.

Best pizza was pretty good, from Bitondo’s. It definitely beat out places like Pizza Pizza and the like. It tasted really good for a good price. BUT it does not hold a candle to Vesuvio’s. I still say THAT is the best pizza in the city. And second best I have ever had. No one will ever beat the woodfired oven pizza I had in Amish country, Shipshewana, Indiana.

Up next: city’s best Farmer’s Market, held on Thursdays in Dufferin Grove Park, across from Dufferin Mall.
Coming up later: best ribs, BBQ chicken & donut (all from the same place!!) and best cookies & pie, and best tea and best bulk food store.

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