Sheep’s Milk Shwhat?!

08 Jul

Yesterday we ventured to Dufferin Grove Park for the (organic) farmer’s market, voted best in the city. It was pretty good, though neither of us actually ended up buying anything. We went to Zoots afterwards for dinner… only to find that it was closed. So we rushed back to the farmer’s market to find something to eat for dinner. We settled on bruschetta, organic hot dogs (two words that do not go together, but it tasted good!) and for dessert: sheep’s milk ice cream. Tasted like regular ice cream. Alas, this was not enough of a dessert for two people (we split a small cone for fear of it being gross) so we had a gluten-free (not taste-free) brownie and chocolate chip cookie. All in all, it was worth the five minute walk.

Beforehand I had done a mini-triathalon of sorts, having biked to a business meeting, then walked to the pool, swam, walked to the market. So I was hungry before we met up… I wandered into Brown Sugar  Bakery & Deli on Queen St. and had a (delicious!) lemon meringue tart.

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