Mimico? The Moon? CONSPIRACIES??

15 Jul

A conspiracy is underfoot here in fair old Mimico (fun fact: Mimico means land of the pigeons). First, Florentina’s Italian Eatery went belly up…after less than 4 months! Cheaply priced Italian food, how can you go wrong?! Alone, yeah that seems plausible I guess, restaurant business being a risky investment. But Grillicious only got a “conditional pass” from health inspector! (I don”t know what is more worrisome, the fact that they have a conditional pass OR that they only had an inspection recently, having been open for about a year now?). A conspiracy is underfoot. Open your eyes people! Both these eateries sit in a plaza strip… right on the waterfront. Well kinda, the pool & waterfront path are in front of it, but still,  close enough to claim “waterfront real estate“. Everyone down here was up in arms when a proposal was made to bash down the apartment buildings and make way for “better” living quarters (i.e.: condos, condos that could not be afforded by the folks living in the original buildings). Next logical step would be to bash down the plaza. It has already happened once before, over near Park Lawn where there was a crappy old Coffee Time we now have a horrid eyesore of a half-built condo. I say the condo people did some bribing and are like salivating rabid wolves just waiting for the coin-op laundromat, dog grooming place and chicken shack to go down. Just waiting.

When I mentioned this to someone, the exchange went a little like this:

me: (says the above)
respondent: Everything will be condos in 15 years.
me: nuhuh. Not if we colonize the moon and everyone lives in space domes. Duh.
respondent: Space dome condos. Double duh.
me: Impractical use of space. Duh backfire. (notice the pun in the use of the word space)
respondent: Totally practical. In lower gravity it would be much easier to build vertically.
me:  Yes. But are people ready to live on the 200th floor? Acclimating to living on the moon will provechallengingenough,butaddalltheheight?+ You will be blocking out the sun!Nolightnowarmth. *lawyered* (the spacebar on my QWERTY keyboard was being a jerk and not responding)
respondent: Morelikespacebarred. (notice the pun)

I am just saying: if you look objectively at the cold hard facts… there is a massive conspiracy underfoot. Not unlike my iPod purposely trying to make me nostalgic and my sister’s plant that she brought home from biology class trying to kill me, or at least make me really miserable and uncomfortable (it seems I am very allergic to it).

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