Clever Bird & Burgers

16 Jul

On the menu today: we went out for breakfast AND for lunch. What a treat 🙂

For breakfast we went to School Bakery & Cafe (voted best brunch in the city) located in Liberty Village. This place does brunch right. When you order coffee, it is bottomless. Which was a surprise at first, I was like what?! what is going on? The buttermilk pancakes were delicious and perfectly made. They had just a few blueberries in them and a blackberry-confiture on top. There was just a tiny dollop of whipped cream atop it and the maple syrup came on the side… in a shot glass, not a sticky container used by everyone.

While we sat at the cafe waiting for our food, on the patio of course. There was a small sparrow slowly inching her way inside, she started out on the floor of the inside, looking for crumbs. It being early in the morning, none were to be found, so she hopped up onto the chair and from there on to the table. From the table she had the perfect vantage point, the jackpot: trays of freshly baked muffins! She quietly flew over and landed on one and just went to town. She was there for almost a minute before anyone did anything about it! The dismaying part is that they did not take the muffin down from the counter. They left the bird-pecked muffin there!!

For lunch we went to Apache Burger (which apparently Tie Domi loves, his photo was on the wall from four different occasions). The burgers were OK, but there was too much bun and not enough meat. The real winner was the onion rings. Not being a fan of onions, let alone onion rings, I risked it and took a bite. And to my dismay it tasted good! No spit-takes, no outrage, just mmm….

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