Fran’s Restaurant

16 Aug

Fran’s is listed as third best 24-hr restaurant in Toronto. But that is not why we went. Camilla was craving a good milkshake and Fran’s happened to be the first that popped up in a Google search for best milkshake in Toronto. It was decided, we would go on a (massive) shopping spree and treat ourselves to milkshakes.

What we did not anticipate however was just how hungry five hours of shopping can make a person. We arrived at Fran’s famished and tired. The service was fast and friendly. The atmosphere was fun and not at all cheesey, how I had originally pictured it. The music could have been better, it was mildly irritating to listen to easy rock from the 90s but everything else more than made up for it. We ordered sirloin beef sliders and sweet potato fries. The sliders were OK, just sirloin beef between two buns with onions. The sweet potato fries were amazing however. I really think we have a contender for best sweet potato fries in the city. They were not too crispy or oily, they had not been overly fried. The sauce that went with them was also very delicious, it was like garlic-y mayonnaise.  After we paid the bill we sat around while they finished their milkshakes. I did not order one because I have a sordid history with milkshakes (one made me sick a long time ago).  I did have a sip and it was pretty good, but it did not hold a candle to Ed’s Real Scoop.

It was nice that it was not insanely busy given it was 10pm and also that no one came by to stare us down while we lounged around for a while after. No one walked by and cleared their throat, or cleaned tables nearby. It would be interesting to go back again at 2 or 3am.


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