Deep Fried Goodnes

22 Aug

The CNE has rolled into town yet again. Last year’s smash hit, food-wise of course, was deep fried butter balls. Naturally, this year they have brought on a whole slew of deep-fried goodies for the gastronomically inclined. In total I am going to make three trips. Which of course means I will try (at least) 3 different deep-fried treats. Having already been once, I enjoyed some deep-fried Oreos.

Really, I split 3 with my sisters, so I ate one. But it was amazing. The cookie managed to stay structurally intact, and unlike the Twinkie (in Cleveland) the icing did not melt and sink into the surrounding (in this case) cookie. It was really hot at first and tempting so I did manage a few minor burns. But in the time it took to document it, they cooled down nicely. I would highly recommend eating one. Any more and that would be too much.

Up next will be: deep-fried nanaimo bar (if we can find it) and maybe deep-fried brownie either in place of (unfound) nanaimo or as supplementary (if they are small) and then on the final trip it is a toss-up for deep-fried cola or deep-fried PopTarts (or both!) and maybe just maaaybe, deep-fried butter. If I can ever get around the gross factor on eating battered butter.

Unrelated but also up next: Best taco in the city and best frozen yogurt. And a new camera! Better pictures!

NOTE: This year they also feature the (stomach-churning) KrispyKreme burger. I will only eat it, if I can get about 3-4 other people to share it with. There is no way I would be able to keep that bad boy down.


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