25 Aug

I have never actually been a fan of the idea of a taco. I do not like beans, not even jelly beans. I sort of came around on the idea after watching Invader Zim and witnessing Gir’s love affair with tacos (as seen below on the tshirt at Hot Topic).  My first taco was had at Beer Bistro. It was a hard taco with kobe beef, and a sprinkling of lettuce and little else. It was amazing. But surely I thought, nothing can top that?

(OK, so I did forgot, I did not like the taco shirt and was jealous of the men’s shirts that featured waffles and cupcakes, two things I hold in much higher regard than tacos)

When I heard that best taco in the city was at Tacos El Asador I was skeptical. But I was game to try it, to at least prove my theory. I was worried about there being any combination of: cheese, sour cream, beans and who knows what else. All I really had to go by were numerous Taco Bell commercials. I ordered a soft shell taco with chicken. And that is what I got. Chicken, some lettuce all wrapped in a plain soft taco. The soft taco itself was not very tasty. It was like eating flour. The chicken was OK, but not much to crow about. Along with our order they put down two bowls. One had jalapenos in it, the other had what I thought was like a plum/soy sauce. I ripped off a piece of soft taco and dipped it… into the spicy and piquant sauce. I was not expecting that. And it did little to help the bland flavour. So I migrated to stealing bites of Brent’s hard shell pork taco instead. He made the better choice. But I might just go back after 2nd best karaoke in the city tonight.

To finish our day off, we stopped by a Mexican grocery store for Mexican Coca Cola. The (real!) sugar got to us really quick, we were giddy and jumpy and just plain silly. Real sugar versus corn syrup and artificial sweeteners really does make the difference taste wise. It was more flavourful and palatable.


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