2nd Best Featuring… The 2nd Worst?!

26 Aug

Doozy of a title, and what it refers to: we went out to the 2nd best karaoke place, XO Karaoke (Bloor & Clinton, near Christie Pits Park & subway) in Toronto and I just happen to be the 2nd worst singer of all time (I do rank myself above the noise of a trash compactor). The reason we did not go to the best is because we wanted to have a private room where we could sing our hearts out. The first best is at the Gladstone, in front of a crowd. I might sound better than a trash compactor, but not by much.

Me, Brent and Camilla were waiting around for Lucy and Alex, so we went to Honest Ed’s for some soda. They got there before we got back, so we had them book a room and start singing while we made our way back. As we went down the hallway we could hear them singing. These rooms were not soundproof! That did not hold us back though (as is evidenced by the fact that I am hoarse and sound like an old man today, constantly clearing my throat is also not helping much). Once we got the hang of how to work the machine, and we stopped ending up in submenus of songs we could not read the titles of, things really got going. We cranked out an amazing rendition of Queen’s Bohemian Rhapsody.

Five people, two guys, three girls, singing their hearts out, trying to get all the high notes. Not to mention some amazing air guitar action during the musical interludes. Needless to say, some people walked by on their way to their room and could not help but laugh at us (there is a small door in the window, so they not only got an earful, but some visuals to go with it). When we figured out how to queue up songs by entering codes from the binder, things really got underway… or came undone. Madness ensued with a high-pitched squeaky (some would say helium inspired) rendition of Aqua’s Barbie Girl. And karaoke is not karaoke if Journey’s Don’t Stop Believing is not sung. Or yelled at some points. I may have lost sight of singing towards the end, yelling in a deep voice the words to Bon Jovi’s It’s My Life. It was worth it. We even attempted a Spanish song, it was hilarious. The only part we got right was the chorus, oi oi oi.

Luckily we did not get kicked out. And it was so cheap! A small room (max 5 people) goes for $20/hr but from the website you can also print off a coupon from 10-20% off (depending on the day of the week). So we basically each paid $8, money well spent for that much entertainment. Needless to say, we will be back. Speaking of, some of the songs do not come in karaoke version (with the words) one of which was Backstreet’s Back and embarrassingly (or not, depends how you look at it) we managed to sing the entire thing from memory. Now that we know how to queue up songs, this might just be a regular thing.

Did I mention that you sing in the dark under black lights? Also, they sell beer there. We found out too late though.

NOTE: I am dying here laughing. What would’ve happened had we stayed for a third hour?! MC Hammer’s U Can’t Touch This was another one we had wanted to sing but ran out of time. Lady Gaga’s Poker Face was hilarious because when it said stuff in brackets such as (dance) we would just scream DANCE. Also some of the songs don’t have the original video, for The Clash’s Should I Stay Or Should I Go it was just random footage of non-descript buildings and some cars driving by.

This has been the most musical post I have yet to write.


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