Anything With Butter Has To Be Good…

26 Aug

If you know me, you will know I claim to love Indian food. If you know me really well, you will also know that what that really means is that I love butter chicken first and foremost. It’s not entirely my fault, Fabio introduced me to Indian food by making me try butter chicken and now that is my go-to dish. Actually it is most everyone’s go-to Indian dish according to BlogTO. In my defense, I have tried the other dishes on offer whenever I go to my favourite Indian buffet (India Palace on Queen Street), yet I always go back to the butter chicken.

After karaoke we were hungry, singing loudly and dancing poorly will do that to a person. We went to Banjara for the a late dinner. Given it was voted best butter chicken in the city, me and Brent split an order of it and some naan bread on the side. It was nice to have the option of choosing between spicy and not spicy. Feeling adventurous, I agreed to spicy. And it was awesome. Until it made my raw sore throat burn. I teared up and could not physically speak, I could only let out hoarse weak noises. I had to down a lot of water, but then I was fine. I could resume binging. The butter chicken sauce was creamy and very flavourful. The spiciness really enhanced the flavour as well, the flavour being curry. There could’ve been some more chicken pieces in it, but who am I to complain? I got to take the sauce home and got to eat it with crackers for a late morning snack and with bits of pita for lunch. It is just as good cold the next day.

They serve it to you in a bowl with a spoon and you are given an empty plate to put your naan on and then scoop the butter chicken on to it. Eating it with a fork and knife proved to be a futile attempt and we all ended up eating with our hands. Ripping off pieces of naan and using them to scoop up sauce and hold pieces of chicken proved to be the best way to go about eating the meal. The service was great, really fast and friendly. The restaurant was closing as we finished and they did not even try to hurry us out or stand around impatiently waiting for us. It took us a good 10 minutes at least to even realize that they were closing, and it was only because  we noticed that we were the only ones left.

The portions served were also pretty large making for a well-priced meal.


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