31 Aug

So it turns out that BlogTO’s definition of the Dundas West neighbourhood spreads much farther east than I had thought. You see, I am heading to said neighbourhood, more specifically The Junction next week and I thought to myself, finally a chance to eat some of the other best of cupcake contenders (the cupcakes, not the shop owners, I am not a cannibal). So I surfed (does anyone even say “surf the net” anymore?) over to the list to see whereabouts I could get my cupcake fix. I clicked on the link for OMG Baked Goodness… only to find out that they are but a stones throw from Brent’s house!! All those times I have craved baked goodies after having fought the urge to stop in at Yummy Stuff on my way to his house (only when I walk). I could’ve had my cupcake fix a thousand times over! But, now that I know, oh dear. I am heading out there on Saturday to see if vegan chocolate cupcakes truly do taste the same as regular cupcakes. Whether they do or not, it is win-win for me. If they are atrocious, yay, I save my money and my waistline. If they are delicious, then yay, a nearby cupcake source and my waistline might get saved yet, they sell mini cupcakes (best idea ever). So while in The Junction I will be heading to Bunners Bakeshop, where I will also be eating vegan & gluten-free cupcakes.

It would seem I have run out of regular cupcake joints and am now resorting to vegan & gluten-free, we shall see. This might go horribly wrong, or be pleasantly surprising. Who knows.

In retrospect it was a bad idea to start planning my cupcake outings this early. It is only Tuesday… er, I mean Wednesday… still not that close to Saturday though.


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