Foodie Quickie

02 Sep

On a whim I found myself on Bloor this morning. And Brent found himself with most of the day off. We went out for the city’s best bubble tea at Tea Shop 168. And I must say, I do not like the bubbles in the bubble tea. They are flavourless gelatinous blobs that are hard to chew. They stuck to my teeth and were too big to swallow whole. Being a lady,  I could not simply spit them onto the sidewalk. So I had to sip around them, which is all fine and dandy when the cup is full. But when you are trying to suck up the last remnants of your raspberry green tea (the tea itself tasted good, a tad too sweet, but not by much) and those blobs get in the way, you haven’t much choice… but to spit them out. I managed to drink almost all of it, save for maybe one sip? And I managed to do it without eating (or spitting, save for two) the bubbles, I just kept letting the bubbles stay in the straw. What was left was a plastic cup of weird dark blue blobs.

The arms length that Brent is holding it away from him speaks to how we both felt about it. Not worth it.

Having time to kill coupled with Brent’s hunger led us to Beerbistro. We had eaten there before and it was amazing, so of course we would venture back. And also it is on a best of list. Best fries in the city. When we entered we had to wait for the hostess. Whilst standing there I noticed a cookbook opened to a page of a recipe for pulled pork. Brent had just been lamenting that Drake BBQ had shut down (it has not, it moved to the Drake kitchen) so I pointed it out to him. He was set on the fries. Only when we got the menus, there were no fries on the list! So we asked if the pulled pork sandwich came with fries and she laughed and said that there are fries IN the sandwich. That’s right. A pulled pork sandwich WITH FRENCH FRIES IN IT. We still got an order of fries on the side. It is a good thing we did because they came with the best ketchup I have ever had. It was beery! Beer in the ketchup! Beerbistro thinks of everything. The pulled pork was amazing. It is now in the lead for the best in the city, knocking out the previous contender: Taste, a Portuguese restaurant on Lakeshore. It was flavourful and meaty and savoury just like at Taste save for one extra bonus point: it was a tiny bit spicier which just ramped up the flavour. The fries and coleslaw (which were minimal, thankfully) only added more.



2 responses to “Foodie Quickie

  1. Lavon Mcphillips

    September 18, 2011 at 2:41 pm

    Well put from an awesome blogger

  2. kanysh

    September 18, 2011 at 7:59 pm

    aww thank you 🙂


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