05 Sep

So I was in the bathroom this morning brushing my teeth and the lights flicked on and off really quickly. I shrugged it off given it was stormy out and I opened the door a bit so that if the poor went out fully I would not be in the dark. As soon as I did that, the toothpaste glided across the counter about 1/2 and inch. After ghost, I thought, nope, earthquake. There is no way it was a ghost. After some internet searching I found that it was not the aftershocks of an earthquake. So that left me with bugs running off with the toothpaste, alas I picked it up when it started moving. You know, to stop it from getting away and all. No bugs. The wind, from opening the door I must’ve created a draft that gently and evenly nudged the toothpaste along. Somewhat plausible? Nah, my final theory is that it was a mixed up visual signal in my brain. So rather than my brain synchronizing the visual input from both left & right fields of vision, it quickly alternated from one to the other before synching back up again. Try it, look at something and cover one eye then the other, it shifts. Albeit not as smoothly, but that is because it was my brain screwing up, not me covering one eye then the other.

It makes a hell of a lot more sense than a ghost. And as an add on I get a text containing this spooky picture. I say spooky because my sisters claim that the ghost is of our dead cat.

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Posted by on September 5, 2011 in Adventures of Pinka!


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