Luncheon in the Junction

06 Sep

While on business I found myself in the Junction neighbourhood, Dundas West. I arrived early so I wandered along Dundas… and passed by Vesuvio’s pizza, which in my books is still among the best pizzas I have ever had, anywhere, not just in Toronto. I resisted because the idea of going in to an interview with bits of pepperoni between my teeth and garlic on my breath, not the best idea. Afterwards (after the interview) I was so honed in on getting a cupcake from Bunner’s that I totally missed Vesuvio’s so instead I am hoping for a callback so I am in the neighbourhood again. It’s win-win really.

Bunner’s is a vegan & gluten-free bakeshop. I had to Google it to see what exactly that entailed. I still have no idea. From what I can gather they contained no eggs, milk or white flour? Aside from playing detective with what I was eating, it was surprisingly good. I was rather turned off by the idea of a V&GF cupcake and was worried about the taste. The cupcake tasted fine, it was yummy & freshly baked.  I know this because I could she behind the counter that she was still icing more of them. It reminded me of carrot-cake, in that it was not vanilla or chocolate and the flavour was hard to place. The cupcake also gets merits for not being overly sweet (also why it reminded me of carrot cake). There was a generous helping of icing on top of it as well. I had to go on the website to see what kind of cupcake it was. It was red velvet. It is a little odd that it did not taste at all like a red velvet cupcake. The icing on top was not as tart or flavourful as other cream cheese icings I had had. As a V&GF cupcake I can only assume that this was one of the better ones on offer in the city, given I don’t normally eat them and it tasted pretty good. The only bad thing I can say about it is this: about 30 seconds after I finished it I had a weird after-taste in my mouth and my breath smelled like moth balls. But by that point I was across the street at Crema.

For some unknown reason I had been jonesing for some Crema coffee for a while now. And I remembered that there was one in the neighbourhood. Before the interview I texted Brent to look it up for me, which he did. And when I left Bunner’s my face fell. It was right there across the street. Oops, my bad. The coffee from Crema is amazing. It has a mild flavour to it with nutty undertones to it. If you are not a fan of strong over-powering coffee flavour then this is the coffee for you. And it is cheap too, $1.50 for a small coffee… that actually tastes really good?! I am sold. I can see why it is the second best cafe in West Toronto. Maybe even first? I did like the cafe a touch more than I did Dark Horse, it was way less hipster and more brightly lit and the service was friendlier.

I am still going to go to OMG Baked Goodness and try there V&GF cupcakes, mostly out of curiosity. What I also found odd about it is that having the label of gluten-free (and to some extent vegan) kind of gave the cupcake a health halo, hell, I ate the whole thing rather than my usual method of splitting it with someone. Reading over the ingredients list only muddled that more. I have no idea.


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