08 Sep

For dinner yesterday Brent and I ventured out to Roncesvalles to the Polish village to eat…. the best BBQ?! Yup, Barque was voted best BBQ and just so happens to be in the heart of the Polish village, and only half a block down from Inter Steer who happen to have the best: PEROGIES! Oh crap, my secrets are out: I am Polish and I love perogies. Dammit.

Ah well, on to the BBQ grub. We got there just past 6pm. The whole way there we were discussing alternate eating arrangements. We were either going to get it to go and make a reservation for Friday or make the reservation and go to Inter Steer. Getting it o go did not seem like the greatest idea given we wanted the pecan pie with Greg’s burnt marshmallow ice cream for dessert. Thankfully we arrived in the nick of time and our backup plans were not necessary. The hostess promptly seated us but warned us that the table was reserved at 8pm so we wouldn’t be able to lounge about, which is great because we never do. We were seated right next to the entrance so during the whole meal we kept overhearing people showing up without a reservation and being told to come back later or getting squeezed in up at the bar. One guy even tried to make a reservation for Friday but the hostess said they were all booked. This sort of made up for all the troubles we had trying to get in at the Drake. We got so lucky.

And it is no wonder this place is so busy and voted the best. At your table you are given a complimentary metal pail of cinnamon spiced popcorn (it sounds weird but it is so good) and the service is amazing, friendly and fast. The food itself was also really good. We split a half rack of Sweet Heat Ribs and half a BBQed chicken. The chicken breast was better than the ribs which were better than the chicken leg. This might be because being in a restaurant setting I had to attempt to eat the leg with a knife and fork, which is a rather difficult task. Not as hard as trying to eat the ribs like that. I had to compromise and cut along one rib, then grab it and eat it. Normally this is a much messier affair but these ribs were not as saucy, what they lacked in sauce they made up for in seasonings, BBQ and of course spiciness. The spiciness stayed with me when we traded plates and I set out to battle the chicken leg. On the side I ordered fries and Brent had the Caesar salad (because it had candied bacon, which was actually really good and should maybe be served as a separate side?). The fries were spiced with… cinnamon! It took me a few bites to ascertain what was going on, but they were good. Because of the cinnamon though it was hard to dip them in anything, so I ended up eating way more of them.

For dessert we tackled a slice of pecan pie with Greg’s burnt marshmallow ice cream on the side. It proved to be rather difficult to eat it given all we had were spoons, I ended up chasing pieces of the pie around  the plate but it was fun. The ice cream was a tad too burnt in flavour, but Brent pointed out that that is what makes it so great, that it is homemade and each batch varies slightly (given it is made with actual burnt marshmallows). The flavour was balanced out with generous helpings of pecans. When we initially ordered it I thought it was going to be like those little butter tarts you can get at the grocery store that are teeth-rottingly sweet but thankfully it was not like that. There were a lot of pecans in the pie so there wasn’t as much filling and the pie crust did not have that much flavour to it. Not the best dessert I have ever had, but still up there.

(There are no photos for this one because we were in a somewhat fancy sit-down place, during the rush, and there was a reservation made on our table. I highly doubt they would’ve appreciated my “art” as I photographed everything before we ate it. Ah well, everyone knows what chicken, ribs, pie, salad and fries look like anyways.)


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