OMG Beans

11 Sep

I set out on my usual route yesterday to Brent’s house but along the way I got hit with a really bad coffee craving. This is because I did not have my morning fix, we had run out of coffee. The initial plan for the day had been to head back out to Leslieville to go to Burger Priest, Bobbette & Belle (this time for best whoopie pies) and Te Aro for coffee, so I let it slide. But as the day unfolded it turned out Brent had hurt his hip (again, same thing had happened the week before) so instead we were going to stay in. What was I to do? I needed coffee. Having been to most of the good coffee joints on the way to his house I saw this as an opportunity to venture somewhere new, not necessarily along the way but still close enough to his house that I would not be showing up rudely late. And I did invite him along, he declined. I also asked if he wanted anything, to which he replied no. (Remember this key detail). I had had my eye on going to Full of Beans for a while now and what better opportunity did I have? It was only two blocks away from his house! But what is a coffee without a little something sweet on the side? And the solidity of our lunch plans seemed uncertain too. So I turned up Brock Street from Queen and headed up to Dundas. When I got there I could not remember for the life of me if it was further west, so I thought “what the hell” and I turned left and walked along Dundas for a few blocks to be certain. Yeah, it was in the other direction. At least I had on some comfy shoes.

OMG Baked Goodness serves mini  cupcakes which I was just elated at the sight of! Perfect bite sized cupcakes to go with my coffee! Only, the cupcake never made it to my coffee, well unless you count it being in my stomach as making it there? The vegan cupcake was surprisingly good, I say this in comparison to the vegan & gluten-free one I had at Bunner’s. It did have a slightly odd taste on one bite, but on the whole pretty good. The cake part was a little dense, almost closer to a brownie, but the chocolate was rich and it kind of reminded me of Oreo cookies.

Full of Beans is rated one of the best coffee roasters in Toronto. I can see why. As soon as I walked in I saw the guy roasting coffee beans, right there up front by the window. It was a nice touch I must say. But the smell. That was weird. Roasted coffee smells very differently from coffee that is being ground. It smells like peanuts. I ordered the Papua New Guinea coffee, I had no idea they even grew coffee there. I have to admit it was a little bit different than what I am used to, it was rather mild. It was still very aromatic and flavourful, I say aromatic because I spilled some on my sweater and my hand. For the rest of the day I would periodically think to myself “something smells like coffee! Oh…” and I would remember my clumsiness.

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