San Remo

11 Sep

I finally got around to going to San Remo. Except I had to replace Brent with Camilla because he was at work. It was absolutely gorgeous out and we would be remiss if we had not gone out. And about five minutes outside and we were complaining already. It was too hot we concluded and the sun was too intense. But we soldiered on and made it. Of course by this point we were rather hungry, having made the dumb mistake of skipping dinner, things did not go well from there. We were tempted by all the delicacies in the display, we ended up ordering 2 of each roll pastry, not just the best cannoli (of which there were two varieties: Sicilian and custard) but also some chocolate filled and whipped cream filled rolls, a total of 10 cream-filled pastries for 7 people. For lunch we were going to split a donut cut in half filled with icing that had caught Camilla’s fancy but I (thankfully) forgot to order it. While Camilla paid for the pastries I went and ordered an iced latte and also ended up ordering hazelnut gelato to hold us over until we got back home. I expected the espresso to be really good since this was an Italian bakery after all. It was not. It tasted burnt and bitter and I could barely finish it. The gelato was pretty good, I was actually surprised and exclaimed when I bit into a real hazelnut, it was rather unexpected. San Remo has a really confusing checkout system. You go to whichever counter (separate one for desserts, coffee and deli) order and then grab whatever else is on shelves and go to a central checkout, but it was kind of a mess when I was there, no one really knew where to go.


The cannoli themselves: mostly delicious. The Sicilian cannolo (thanks Wikipedia!) was mildly odd given that it was made with Ricotta cheese, but maybe it was that I knew about it. It was nice to encounter some chocolate chips in the middle, but it was not enough to truly win  me over. The custard cannolo was the clear winner. It was creamy and delicious and had a tiny hint of a citrus tang in it. This citrusy zing was what clued me in that the chocolate pastry filling was a chocolate custard! Can’t go wrong with custard.


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