What A Day!… Last Weekend

11 Sep

After hanging my photos at Cafe Taste (where they will be on display until the end of the month, go check it out) me and Camilla went to Mangez. We loitered there for a bit while I waited for Brent to come down to Queen Street. He said that Jess & Braeden were coming too. I told Camilla I had to go meet them and she exclaimed “You’re meeting Justin Bieber?!” (Jess & Braeden apparently sounds  like Justin Bieber). Instead I was met by Brent, Braeden… and Kyle. We headed over to the Drake to drink on the rooftop patio, it was after all almost noon. We went in and were stopped by the hostess, informing us that the rooftop patio was closed because it was “too hot.” A likely story, we all know it was reserved for hipsters to spend their hipster afternoon doing hipster stuff on the roof. Not fair.

Not giving up, we headed north towards College. Not that far a walk yet it was still met with many “are we there yet?”s and “how much further?” which was not helped by the heat. Heat we would not have had to endure had we been chilling on the Drake rooftop patio, there is such a thing as ice and ice cold drinks! It just so happened that College was blocked off for a street festival and the Cafe Diplomatico patio had been extended into the street. No matter, there was barely anyone there. We sat down and barely glanced at the menus, knowing what we wanted to order. A pitcher of sangria. Only the waitress threw us a curve ball, red or white? We went with red. It was pretty good. Nice and refreshing in the horrid heat that had me sticking to the patio chair. When she came back around we ordered a pitcher of white sangria… and were pleasantly surprised. It was way better than the red! It was more flavourful, refreshing and bubbly. As an added bonus it was fun to eat the frozen fruit. I agree thus far, best sangria in the city. But again, this was my first time trying it (unless you count that time 3 years ago when I tried to make it at home and failed miserably). While we sat on the patio basking in the shade and refreshment we were rudely interrupted by a giant plane flying right overhead. Damn airshow. Labour Day Weekend has to be the worst weekend to be in Toronto. When the plane flew it made us all jump, I almost screamed and the guy at the next table over spilled his coffee, but blamed it on the rumble.


After an interlude back at the house consiting of headaches turning to migraines (me), boys on the deck in the rain (Greg, Kyle), boys on the deck in bathing suits in the rain (Braeden, Brent, and Ryan) and boys breaking fans (Greg) we headed back out on the town. Voraciously hungry, for how much nourishment can a few pieces of frozen fruit truly provide, we headed to Korea Town. Julia was leading the way to a great Korean BBQ place.  On the way a few speed-walking foot races were had between Brent & Kyle, accusations of cheating and head starts were thrown around, unverified victories were claimed, the race had to be redone a few times. There was no clear winner in the end for both had cheated, Kyle got a head start and then Brent took to running to make up for the head start. Eventually, we arrived at Asiru and were promptly led straight through the restaurant and to the back and down some stairs, where someone, let’s say Kyle, quipped “this is where the white people eat” and we all laughed claiming it to be the best line of the night. The seating arrangement was odd to say the least. The table was actually just an inch above floor level and the seats were on the floor, there was a recessed space below for legs to dangle and the BBQ to be lit. The waiter tried to get us to move back upstairs to a table that would be easier to serve, but we opted out of that and stayed put. He was a good sport about it though.

Being at a Korean BBQ place Brent and I (see? I learned proper grammar eventually) could not resist ordering something we could fry up ourselves. We decided on the chicken breast and the boneless ribs. Before the meal arrived we were served appetizers, i.e.: a chance for me to practice using chopsticks before the main course. I very quickly gave up on trying to learn the chopstick using technique and instead decided to focus instead on a much easier goal: just getting the food from the plate/bowl to my mouth, no matter how I was holding the chopsticks. It involved a lot of moving real fast before the food falls down because I lost my grip on the chopstick(s). Judging by the fact that I walked away satiated, I would say I succeeded admirably at eating with chopsticks. It was a lot of fun cooking the meat, but even more fun trying to eat it.


With our bellies full of food, we went all the way across the street to BMB Karaoke. It was a slightly different (and better) set up than at XO Karaoke. For one the menu for choosing songs was much simpler to use. You just entered the code for the song you wanted to sing, no menus to scroll through really. Two, the songs were karaoke songs so it was easier to sing and no chances of getting songs without lyrics. The pricing structure was slightly different though, instead of paying a rate for the room you paid a rate per person ($5/hr) but it was still reasonable. And just like XO Karaoke, BMB Karaoke’s rooms were not soundproof. But I can see why it made the list of best karaoke in the city, coming in at #7.

All in all, a great day.


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