13 Sep

The fooding partner swap series continues. Yesterday I spent the better part of my lunch break with Fabio for a nice lunch downtown at his friend’s restaurant, Scaccia (I still have no idea how to pronounce that, or anything on the menu). I had high hopes for this lunch after all the praise Fabio was heaping on the place. And it did not disappoint. I had been a little worried that we were going to lunch downtown in the Manulife Centre, especially during TIFF, I was worried the place would be full. It turns out it is half restaurant, half takeout place. I have walked by the place a thousand and one times, mostly because Brent used to work there.

We were seated right away and as it turned out Fabio was friends with the waiter so the service was amazing. Right away he brought us water and each a glass of red wine. We both ordered soups. I had the…. I have no idea what it was called. Basically a chicken noodle soup, only with egg drop noodles. Now, normally I am not a fan of such noodles, they are among my least favourite. But, oh man! This soup was amazing! I mean really really good. The waiter added some Parmesan and grated in some pepper, which I was hesitant about thinking I did not like either. That just made the soup better!

Having had only soup for lunch, there was room for dessert. OK, fine. I purposely had the soup just so I could have the dessert. How could I resist?! An Italian place serving tiramisu! And what a pick-me-up it was. Hands down, this has to have been the best tiramisu I have had so far. Since I tried tiramisu parfait style, I honestly thought that was the way to eat tiramisu, out of a cup/bowl with a spoon. Oh how wrong I was, not only in that it originated as a layer cake, but that it actually can taste better than the parfait! The only reason I was leaning towards the bowl was because then it was less dry, it had more coffee liqueur in it, but Scaccia hit it right on the nose, they got the moist element of the parfait and managed to transpose it to the layer cake version (which is easier to eat by the way). It was amazing. I mean really really amazing. And the cappuccino I had to go with it? *kisses finger tips* Perfect. I barely had to add any sugar to it, it was just the right amount of strong bold flavour with just that tiny hint of bitter coffee flavour, just before the tipping point when it tastes burnt. A perfect end to a delicious lunch, I only wish I had more money so I could go back there and try the other desserts.

NOTE: It was stracciatella soup. Yeah, no way I would’ve remembered that. Had to Google “Italian soup” and search through a few pages.


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