What’s To Come

14 Sep

So you thought I was addicted to cupcakes right? I don’t think anyone (including me) knew how deep this addiction truly runs. I mean it is one thing to be eating vegan & gluten-free cupcakes when I’ve no such dietary needs. But this, this is a whole new barrel of monkeys (you know, because cupcakes are fun). This semester I am taking on a handmade book-making class. Assuming I make it to the end of the semester without throwing myself under a bus, I will be in possession of the greatest (but not greatest looking mind you) book of all time.

So, what is this that I am talking about? What on God’s green earth is going on inside my head today? I am going to go to as many cupcakeries in the city as my legs, belly & wallet will allow, and sample the best of the best, the creme de la creme of cupcakes. This is not however a showdown (pulled pork & tiramisu ones are still on going), oh no. This people, this is research. Tasty, delicious research. What I aim to compose by semester’s end is (at least one volume of) an encyclopedia of sorts, of cupcakes! The most unique, different and downright weird (hello Guinness cupcake!) but still delicious, cupcakes from the city. Photographed, labelled and bound together in a book. Hopefully I can make it a hardcover book, if not, who is to say the end of the semester is the end of my book? Lord knows I will have time to kill when I graduate, I can only spend so much time watching tumbleweeds roll by and spiderwebs gather on my empty job prospects (yes, I am a pessimist… or a realist, look at it however you like).

So dear readers, insulin in hand (I kid), comfy shoes on and all the change I can dig out of the couch… I am setting out on (hopefully) a great adventure. I will post prelimenary and in-the-process of pictures (though not of the many stab wounds I will endure on my fingertips, it goes hand-in-hand with photographic processes from opening film canisters in pitch black to cutting paper in pitch black).

An Indie Coffee Passport would be amazing to have to wash down these cupcakes. *HINT*

(You can follow specific posts about this project with the handy new category I just made, Cupcake Saga)

Here’s a taste of what’s to come. (Ooh, I crack myself up)



I swear I had two more pictures, one a mango cupcake from Swirls Bakery and the other from Prairie Girl. Weird. And the last two are of the same cupcake.

First stop: Yummy Stuff. They are back from vacation and I am jonesing for a Ferrero Rocher cupcake.


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