20 Sep

On Mondays I have a three hour break between classes, so what else was I to do other than wander around downtown? And of course where else will wandering lead me than to… CUPCAKES! In my defense, I was just doing my work. I ended up at Prairie Girl Bakery. There treat of the week was a pumpkin spice cupcake with either vanilla or chocolate icing on top. Having already had a pumpkin spice cupcake over the weekend, and for lack of repetition in my book (save for the fact that every page will feature a photo of a cupcake) I went for the good ol’ Red Velvet. I must admit, it has taken me a while to come around on red velvet (especially after I found out that the red colouring comes from beets, why not cherries? Raspberries? Strawberries? Why beets?!), especially the cream cheese icing.  But especially in comparison with butter cream icing as well as some other diabetic-coma-inducing icings I have encountered, cream cheese icing is really starting to grow on me. In terms of on cupcakes, because I have been eating that as crepe filling since childhood.

(Snug in it’s box)

So how does Prairie Girl’s red velvet cupcake taste? Delicious of course, really what else could you expect? The cupcake was very light & fluffy and just fell apart, in a good, freshly-baked kind of way. The cupcake batter had been generously poured, for the cupcake spilled out with a giant muffin top. Largest one I have encountered to date. It did make taking it out of it’s safe-haven box a little difficult but so worth it.

(Huge muffin… erm, cupcaketop?)

That is the other plus for Prairie Girl. They have a special box for the cupcake with a hole cut out so the cupcake stays in place while it is transported. And it stands the test of time. That cupcake, in it’s box, lasted through 6 hours of transport and some horrible rain. It took all my will power not to eat that cupcake. A whole day! A whole day of carrying a tantalizing cupcake! Every once in a while the box corner would pop open and I would get a whiff of it, ooh it was to die for.


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