L is for Lemon

20 Sep

Today I happened to be heading downtown and so I figured on my way home, why not grab a cupcake? So it was decided, I would stop in at Bake Sale for some snackage. I went on the website beforehand to make sure I was not wasting my time going somewhere that only has chocolate and vanilla cupcakes. And man alive was I surprised! The website listed as flavours: lemon, Boston cream  AND cookies & cream cheesecake! Three possible cupcakes! I was psyched, I mean really psyched. Custard! In a cupcake! With chocolate!!

I got there and was a little alarmed, for a split second it looked as if my choices were chocolate or vanilla.. and then I saw it. Lemon! I promptly ordered one and then as I was paying I noticed some more cupcakes in what I think was a fridge and I asked if she had any Boston cream cupcakes and the nice lady informed me that they had not made those ones in a long time. Ah well, only a reason to go back there.

The cupcake itself was a little bit more dense than what I am used to, but because it was lemon cake it was more akin to a lemon pound cake, so in this case the denseness worked. It was very good cake, the lemon was not too much and it was not fake in it’s taste. I do have a point of contention with the icing though, it was a touch too sweet, especially given it was lemon. It did taste of lemon, but more like sweetened lemonade. It was still a good cupcake and I will be back there for the Boston cream, maybe my asking will have sparked some inspiration and they will bake a batch? Damn, I should’ve given her my number so she could call me in the event they do whip some up.


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