Eating in the Rain

22 Sep

It seems that lately every time I head to Kensington Market for cupcakes I get rained on. That has happened twice this week. Twice! Not enough to stop me, mind you. I had my super destroyed umbrella! It was barely enough to cover me as I walked to Brent’s work, let alone the two of us as we both tried to cram under it for shelter. Our first stop in Kensington was the best bulk food store, Casa Acoreana . It was OK, not even close to the best though! It had a rather small selection and it was kind of hard to figure out how exactly things worked there. Some things were behind the counter and we had to get the guy to scoop it for us and when I wanted to get coffee, a nice old man handed me a scoop from the counter. It was all very old-timey, all it needed was some barley spilling out of a burlap sack. I still think the bulk food shops in St. Lawrence Market are better. It was nice that they had cinnamon hazelnut coffee, of which I have not partaken in since my days at Second Cup when I would go looking for it in the cupboards and open it up as our feature flavour, to much grumbling. How can no one else like the flavour of it?! It tastes like cookies! With caffeine!

Our next stop was the best cheese shop, Global Cheese. Not being a cheese person, I was really at a loss in the store. Aside from grilled cheese, pizza and french onion soup, I don’t really eat cheese. Even so, I will only eat it if it has been melted. Brent bought some oh-so-delicious-sounding goat’s milk brie (what’s not to love about those three elements?!). From there it was a quick jaunt across the street to Miss Cora’s Bakery where I would finally get my cupcake fix! Alas, there were no cherry pisatchio cherries. It was also deafeningly loud in there this time around. I guess it was closing time and they were finishing up. Either or, we sort of had to shout our orders. For lack  of dinner plans, and curiosities sake, we also got some pizza. I say curiosity because the pizza toppings consisted of stir fry items and the other slice had goat’s cheese (I know, again with the goats!). The pizza was (surprisingly) good. The stir fry actually tasted like I was eating stir fry with a pizza crust underneath, and for good measure, Brent managed to pull a carrot out from under the other toppings. A carrot slice on a pizza. The goat’s cheese was barely discernible (a good thing) although it had a funny texture that thankfully got drowned in the rest of the pizza toppings.

And the cupcakes? Well cupcake. We bought two, one chocolate and one mocha, but I had to take the mocha home to my make-shift table-top studio. So we split the chocolate one. It was pretty good, I liked the crispy things on top. The icing was thick and creamy and the cake part tasted good on it’s own. Was it absolutely remarkable? Did it make me scream out loud (like that smores one did)? Nope. Still tasty, but not the best I’ve had. They also get lots of props for giving me a plastic container to transport my cupcakes, the kind that grocery store cupcakes come in. Needless to say, I have not thrown it out. It is a God-send.


On our way, in the pouring rain, we stopped at Metro to get some crackers, you cannot eat goat’s brie on it’s own, that would be gross. Well, not true. Even on a cracker it tasted like old moldy plastic and stale rubber and feet (well, what I imagine these things taste like). I have learned a lesson, venturing out of my cheese comfort zone is not a good idea. There were also some cutting the cheese jokes while we ate fancy cheese on the floor and watched Breaking Bad. So classy.

NOTE: we also passed by Wedding Cake Shoppe and I saw that they were still open and I was *this* close to going in, but I resisted. It took all my willpower. Thankfully it was raining and I was drenched and cold.


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