25 Sep

After my lousy pierogi experience on Roncesvalles I was a tad wary of going back, especially so soon. But I manned up and went. Having Kyle there helped plenty as well. At first it was a little bit awkward, we walked in and no one really seated us. We had to go all the way to the back to a small table. I made eyes with a waitress a few times, but to no avail. Kyle went up to the bar to get menus for us. It was settled before that we were all going to split a plate of nacho pierogi, which is what InterSteer is known for. But glancing over the menu I saw that they also had pan-fried pierogi, which by all accounts are amazing and a great way to eat day-old pierogi that you don’t feel like microwaving. Our food arrived promptly and again, it was beautifully arranged. Apparently for Poles, the pierogi dish is as much about presentation as about taste. The plate was piled with pierogi in a circle, topped with: sour cream, liquid cheese (sounds gross, but was good), guacamole, lettuce, tomatoes and the clincher: jalapenos! Being a mild foodie and all, I grabbed a pierogi with my fork and then piled as much of all the toppings on top as I could, Brent helped and piled on some more. I ate tomatoes, I ate jalapenos. But ooh man, the jalapenos. So good! I was sure my tongue would fry yet, not so, I could’ve even had it a bit hotter (I assume it was the sour cream tamping it down?).

The pierogi themselves: amazing. I managed to get a clean bite without toppings and ooh man they were good. The outside was really cripsy a-la pan-fried and they were not frozen on the inside! The contents was potato and I believe also some cheese. The potato was smooth and not lumpy, and the cheese was barely discernible, which is good because I usually do not like the cheese they put in pierogi, except for American-ized perogies with cheddar cheese, which these were not. Good eating was had and I do want to go back to InterSteer because they also had on their menu this wonderful doozy of a dish: Polish sausage on a bun… with pulled pork atop that!! I wish I had been more hungry Friday night, or that everyone else had also been more hungry.

I also had a great kick out of laughing at Brent’s (cute) attempts to speak Polish to our waitress. His biggest success was ordering a beer, Tyskie. That was the easiest to pronounce. The atmosphere at InterSteer was as good as the food. There was a pool table in the back and a jukebox (but you had to pay to request songs, we lucked out that the other patrons had good taste). I agree, best perogies in the city. BUT. They were not Polish, so that category is still open. I am hoping to go to Cafe Polonez and try their pierogi, given that is an actual restaurant, not a pub/tavern.


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