Sausagey Tacos!

29 Sep

The third time now, it has rained on me when I ventured into Kensington Market, which is bad news because there are (apparently) still about 2-3 others “best of’s” therein. We went to El Trompo to grab best Mexican for takeout (backlog of TV to catch up on now that everything is almost back in swing). Brent found an old takeout menu online and we made our decisions based on that. He called the number provided and afterwards he tells me that he was not even sure if it was the right place he called. They never said the name of the place when answering the phone and had not asked for his name or number. It was raining and we  were without an umbrella so we had to hurry it up in walking there. And the food was ready much faster than we had anticipated.

Getting it to go, we did not get to sit down in the restaurant and eat it, of course. It was a small place and very Mexican looking in it’s decor and atmosphere (as far as I can tell, never been really). They even had a bowl of limes by the cash register. On the way to Brent’s house we also made a quick pit-stop at the Wedding Cake Shoppe where I could buy yet another cupcake for my book. Being the end of the day, there was not much selection left. However I lucked out, because they still had a few cookies & cream cupcakes. I had not had one in over  a year, since the cupcake shop in Cape Cod drew me in with it’s hilarious name (CupCapes of Falmouth).

The other reason we were getting takeout was because Brent’s fridge was being replaced and his roomies were not home, so it was up to me & him to be there to empty out the old one. Doesn’t sound so bad does it? It was. I played more than a few rounds of “I can’t even tell what this used to be” which was not just reserved to fruits & veggies. There was the absolutely disgusting coffee pot of fruit juice. At first glance it looked perfectly normal, but it belonged to Kyle. The very same Kyle in whose car we found a thermos of rotten milk and mold in the coffee filter. Brent spilled it in the sink and to my horror, I saw, congealed chunks of fruit punch! It looked like a low-budget horror flick in the sink.

Having (somehow) not lost my appetite after that mini-adventure we settled down to eat. Brent ordered the house specialty, tacos Al Pastor (pork with pineapple bits) while I went for something more “traditional”, chorizo sausage tacos. Each one came with a small container of sauce. One was green, one was red. We assumed that it was guacamole and salsa. We were wrong. They were both hot sauces of some sort. It proved hard to dip the taco into the sauce without destroying it and losing the precious contents to the sea of sauce. And the verdict? I made the better choice (don’t listen to what Brent says). Sausage bits go well with hot sauce. Pineapples, they do not. The pineapple bits kept falling out, back into the styrofoam container… and I was not picking them up and putting them back into my taco as I had been with sausage bits and even a few onion bits. I had always though of tacos as being that what you see in Taco Bell commercials, rife with beans and sour cream, thus I never indulged. And it is a good thing, for I don’t think I would’ve enjoyed them (I hate beans, even jelly beans) and thus would have been reluctant to try El Trompo. The tacos were served on soft shell, and it blew Tacos El Asador’s soft shell tacos out of the water!

All that meaty, spicy, savoury deliciousness left me with a horrid sweet craving. I resorted to swiping a bit of icing off the inside of the box containing my cupcake. It was bad, I kept fidgeting and wanting to eat the cupcake. Eventually Braeden (unwittingly) came to my rescue! He came home with a pizza box… full of decadent brownies… that had Smarties bits on top… and chocolate chunks inside! (NOTE: this just kicked off another horrid round of sweets craving, dammit all).

Eventually I got to indulge my (already satisfied) sweet tooth on the cupcake. There was another reason why I went back to Wedding Cake Shoppe (other than it being along the way). I had their cupcakes a long time ago, back when this whole “best of food” thing had started. And I remembered quite liking the lavender cupcake I had. When I was on the website looking over their cupcake selection, I noticed that they were ALL made with butter-cream (except for a chocolate topped truffle cupcake). This made me wonder, was Bobette & Belle’s (and a few others too) butter-cream just not made right? Or did I used to like butter-cream? Was the lavender cupcake not made with butter-cream (it’s not listed on the website, so I will never know). It turns out that there is a reason why Wedding Cake Shoppe was voted best cupcakes in the city. Their butter-cream is so light & fluffy that it barely even registers as such. I was wary of how much icing was on the cupcake, but due to it’s lightness, it was just right.


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  1. Aslam Naysmith

    October 1, 2011 at 4:58 pm

    Awesome site. Great post. Well done.


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