Sushi & Cheesecake

06 Oct

Yesterday was a busy day… of not really doing much of anything. I was downtown and wandering about, enjoying the nice weather. Kind of forgot to eat lunch. So I arrived at Brent’s workplace voracious! First stop on the way was Carole’s Cheesecake Company for, you guessed it, cheesecake, the best cheesecake in the city! Being in there, with a rumbling stomach is not the best idea, I do not recommend it. As soon as you walk in you can see a giant fridge display FULL of decadent cheesecakes! I was actually quite surprised at the variety, there were maybe close to 10 different flavours. But that did not result in a breakdown of: “Oh my God, which one am I going to choose?!” because as soon as I set eyes on it, I knew which one my heart desired. LIME! Not key lime, just lime. I figured it could be a fair comparison to the key lime cheesecake I had from Cheesecake Factory.

Fighting every ounce of urge to just chow down in the middle of Yorkville (where else would you find such decadence as cheesecake?)  we soldiered on. Ok, fine I soldiered on. FINE. I complained. Brent walked. We called in our order (yep, second week in a row of getting takeout, we are behind on TV thanks to the combination of my having night school and his leaving for Scotland for two weeks) to Sushi On Bloor. Brent pondered if there would be enough food. We were getting a bento box and some unagi on the side (as per my demands, partly because I watch Friends and partly because I really wanted to eat eel) and I had wanted some uni (sea urchin!) but they were out of uni. On the website it says that the bento box comes with soup and rice on the side, but Brent was all “It’s an appetizer, it won’t come with our order because we’re doing takeout, they won’t give us ice cream to go either” and I replied: “have you learned nothing from watching Curb Your Enthusiasm?!”. We got there and I was right on both counts. Which is the second you ask? That we should get takeout. The place was packed. She also handed us a giant bag of food.

We got to Brent’s house, sat down on the floor and pretty much, I tore into it. So how much food did we have? Well, aside from the cheesecake and unagi we had a bento box. That consisted of: soup, teriyaki chicken, rice, salad, 3 cucumber rolls and 3 salmon sushi rolls. A lot of food. The soup did come with our order, as I said it would. It was weird. It was just a plain broth with nothing in it. Thankfully the teriyaki chicken came with a lot of rice, so I just grabbed a bunch with my spoon and dumped it into my soup, problem solved. Onto the chicken, after I inhaled my soup. Seriously, Brent looked up, having barely eaten a piece of chicken and asked where the soup went, to which I replied by pointing at my belly and loudly proclaiming my hunger. The teriyaki chicken was really good, it was very saucy and just doused in it. As was some of the rice underneath it.

If you know me, you will know I claim to hate sushi. I only had it once. It was in high school, a friend was doing a project on Japan and brought in some sushi for the class. No one was eating it, and being her friend, I pity-ate one. It was awful. I had crammed the whole thing in my mouth and I just kept chewing and chewing and trying not to gag. It didn’t help that I hate carrots. What could I have expected? They were store bought, carrot & cucumber rolls!

So I was more than a little wary of our dinner plans. We started out easy by going for best cheap sushi, so I at least wouldn’t feel bad if it went to waste. In the bento box we had cucumber rolls and salmon rolls. And then there was the unagi. BBQ eel. My verdict? It was all freakin’ amazing! Migawd have I been missing out. My favourite was hands down the unagi. So good. It was saucy, BBQed fish and rice! Held together with a small piece of seaweed. Now. The seaweed. Well… it actually did not really taste like anything, I did not mind it, nor will I ever crave just seaweed though.

With the bento box we also got tempura battered veggies, which were: yam, eggplant, zucchini and something else, as well as a salad. The yam was ok, and I had had enough tastebud adventures for one day. Salad and zucchini and eggplant can wait for another day.

And the cheesecake? Divine. Heavenly. Sinful. Too much. I had one tiny little piece left and I could not finish it. Towards the end I would put my fork down and take a breather, I kept coming back for just one more bite. Until it had me beat, one tiny little piece! It was a little bit weird that there was no base or topping. It was literally just cheesecake. Brent had the dulce de leche (read: caramel) cheesecake and it had a delicious chocolate mouse blob on top, it just melted instantaneously in my mouth.

Needless to say, I was not hungry after this.



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