Two In A Row

15 Oct

Last night I headed out to the Drake with Elli and Marcin for a fun Friday night. When we got there I was wary of even asking at the front desk if we could go up to the rooftop patio and she was just like “yeah, head up the stairs and to the right” but I was still skeptical that the place would be packed, it was after all a Friday night. It seemed like a set-up for humiliation. It was and it wasn’t. The place was empty! Because it was cold. We weathered the cold and sat under a heat lamp, it was actually really nice once I acclimated to the colder temperature. The lack of people only added to the atmosphere. We could actually converse at a normal level, without shouting or repetition. But it was a tad expensive and there was no food on the “best” rooftop.

So we high-tailed it to the Gladstone. We got there only to find out that karaoke was not for another 2 hours. We settled in and got comfy on a nice leather couch and proceeded to bum around while listening to… a honky-tonk (that is what they called themselves) band. We took our time looking over the menu and eventually I caved and ordered the maple creme brulee (half the reason I even wanted to go in the first place). It was OK, not the best I have had. It was very strong on the creme part, the maple was very subtle but the brulee? Not there. There was no “burnt” taste in it at all.

The Gladstone was much louder than the Drake but it was well-worth it to stay there for the best karaoke in the city. It was not as bad as I had thought, most of the people could carry a tune.

Honky-tonk band

The Gladstone filled up closer to karaoke time.


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