♪ It’s Friday, Friday… ♫

21 Oct

This week has proven to be the most fun week I have had with the Polish language. In interpreter school we covered how to translate obscenities, insults, swear words etc… Fun yes, but also difficult. My phrase that I had to translate was “piss up a flagpole” to which I still cannot find an entirely proper equivalent, so I had just said something akin to “piss off”. Anyways, there was much giggling on my part in class.

So in the spirit of the week, today’s Polish idiom for Polski Piątek is:

Spity jak bela

Drunk as a log (drunk as a skunk)

Having added the above image (again, from Google Images)… it hit me, this Polski Piątek segment, of one little lesson plus a dorky picture, it bears an odd resemblance to the elementarz (the standard Polish textbook we all had to learn from).

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Posted by on October 21, 2011 in Polski Piątek


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