Roti Anyone?

29 Oct

The sun came out yesterday, which meant I was running about like mad yet again, trying to shoot as much as I could before it rained on me, I had come to expect it. It did not in fact rain on me this time.  Not to say it all went smoothly, two of my locations were unavailable. One was a temporary film set, the other scene was full of cop car bumper, cop monitoring the film set. After hours of shooting and doing work, legs killing, stomach empty, I met up with Brent for the best roti from Gandhi Roti. As I pictured it, I thought roti was a small tiny piece of naan bread wrapped around some saucy meat. What I got instead was a giant piece of thin naan bread, filled to the bursting point with chicken tikka masala (I changed my mind from the usual go-to of butter chicken). Being adventurous, I ordered hot. And it was hot. My eyes started watering, my throat burning. Thankfully I had the previously mentioned Irn Bru to down it with. It was insanely too big for one person to eat. I got halfway through eating it, well ripping off pieces of it, no way could I hold it and bite into it. (My hands still smell like curry).

For dessert we had marshmallows from Nadege (voted the best by Toronto Life). They were delicious, very light & fluffy and not ungodly sweet. They were lemon flavoured but I admit it the flavour was a tiny bit fake, but not that noticeable. As if that was not enough, we also gorged on some candy I had bought from Sugar Mountain. I went in there looking for Irn Bru and walked out with chocoalte covered: cookie dough, caramel popcorn and gummy bears. A delicous feast to go with huilarious Halloween television (NBCs comedy Thursday).


One response to “Roti Anyone?

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