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It’s That Time of Year Again…

Christmas music can be rather irritating, especially when it is being played in the beginning of October (*cough, Hollister, cough*) or if it is the same few songs played repeatedly ad-nauseam… or worst of all: Celine Dion is singing, *shudders*. But past a certain point, say when it is closer to Christmas and the Christmas TV shows start up, then it is not so bad. Or is it? I don’t know what it is but I seem to have been paying more attention since last year to what some of these songs are about. It is not looking good:

  • Serena Ryder’s song Calling To Say. What do I find so wrong about this song? Why is she being a shit-stirrer and calling her ex on Christmas? Are the holidays (supposedly) not stressful enough as it is? What a dumb idea this is, and the worst line has to be “I’ve been seeing someone, OK that’s a little lie, there is no other guy”. How is this a Christmas song?!
  •  “Say what’s in this drink?” not a good line to be had in a Christmas song about a guy who is basically almost holding this poor woman hostage and slowly but surely, “well, maybe just a half drink more” getting this poor woman hammered. This guy does not know what he word NO means. Sheesh.
  • One, this video is hilarious. But more importantly this song is so dumb. “I’M drivin’ home for Christmas.. dum dum dum….”. It is entertaining how much it irritates my sisters (who just LOVE Christmas music).

They play these two over and over and yet do they ever play The Grinch song or Frosty The Snowman? It has been over a week and I have only heard “thumpity thump thump, thumpity thump thump look at Frosty go” once. Whereas the other two? Too many times to count.

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Vesuvio’s Erupts… With Flavour!

I maintain what I had said previously about Vesuvio’s having the best pizza. And it is not just me who thinks so, I had initially read about it in the Toronto Star and while were there they had a plaque from Dine T.O stating Best Pizza 2011. Not that I disliked King Slice. It is just that Vesuvio’s pizza was more flavourful with more spices or herbs or whatnot. But if you took the garlicky-ness and size of King Slice and added that in, then you would have a Frankenstein’s perfect pizza slice. Oh, and Pizzeria Libretto’s awesome different toppings like Italian sausage. Or I could get a slice of each and pile them all on top and just pig out.

We also went to Bunner’s Bakeshop because it was voted best gluten-free and best new bakery in 2009. The gypsy cookie was weird, you would bite into it and it was a weird texture/held together oddly. At first it was like eating a pile of cereal that dried up in a clump, but then you would chance upon a chocoalte chip and then there was a bit of a weird taste. The whoopie pie however was, I am still at a loss for words. We each took a bite and then looked at each other like “what?!” and then it was kind of OK in the middle but then it tasted funny again.

To wash that down I demanded a pit-stop at Crema Coffee. I wanted to try their espresso. It falls on the more bitter side of the spectrum. Without going over the edge to the burnt flavour you get at places like Starbucks and Second Cup etc… It was still really good, it had that strong coffee flavour to it, like the espresso at Dark Horse, it was very different than what I had at other places like St. James Coffee Bar and Big Guy’s Little Coffee Shop and Aroma Espresso Bar. Anywhere between mild & nutty to bitter(ish) & flavourful is fine by me, but I draw a line at burnt awful tasting espresso. There is a reason I only ever get the pumpkin spice of gingerbread latte at Starbucks. The flavour syrups cover up the awful taste of the espresso.


89.) Hollowed-out Book

Sound the trumpets! Two weeks, five bottles of glue and a lot of time for drying… ta-da! I am done gluing the pages of a book together and hollowing out! What am I going to now do with it? I really have no idea. I did not think it this far through. But I did it! And that is what matters. Even though at some point the backs of my hands were red, dry and itchy from smoothing out the pages as I glued, the really old allergy-inducing pages.

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In Other (Scary) News…

Rebecca Black’s ubiquitous internet-meme-of-a-song has resurfaced, having been adopted to fit the American holiday of Black Friday. Yes, that is correct, one of the craziest days of the year in America (I don’t know about Canada, have yet to venture out, I only go by what the news outlets tell me and that is people getting trampled in American Wal-Marts) now has an anthem.

Don’t believe me?

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Today’s phrase is also indicative of the past week, but in a much less positive sort of way. This has been a rather hectic week with lots of not-so-great stuff going on, and quite frankly by the end of the week I feel like…

Mam to wszystko w dupie.  Literally translates to it’s all up my ass, but the English version is more akin to I have had it with this crap. Or a very crass way of saying good riddance. It is a nice way to sum up how you feel about something and how fed up with it you are, when you say so you basically intone that it is over and you are sick of it and you shall not be bothered by it anymore.

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My future kitchen is going to be freakin’ awesome. Assuming such a thing as house-warming registry exists. If not, I invented it. Patent-pending.

Why you may ask? Why is it going to rock? Well, in addition to the chocolate fondue fountain, smores maker and Magic Bullet I intend to receive as gifts, maybe a generous gift of Modernist Cuisine too. I intend to obtain, even if with my own money (shocker!) THIS:

 That is right. A mini-cupcake maker!!! Think of all the fun I could have with it! Due to it’s small size I can go all mad-scientist crazy making super concoctions!! Pineapple lime cupcakes? SURE! WHY NOT! It will be a mini-batch. And being that there are so few of them in a batch I won’t be remiss about having to “give” them away. Namely that I do not like pineapple. It would be like the Easy Bake Oven I never had… only better! Real cooking power! AND IT IS SO PORTABLE-LOOKING!! CUPCAKES EVERYWHERE!

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6 Volumes of WOW

I was listening to a TED talk podcast yesterday and it was amazing, he was talking about his new book Modernist Cuisine. This guy has managed to combine two things that I love with a third and possibly fourth thing that I love. He has published a six volume book about cooking! Cooking from a scientific point of view (wait, that would be 5 things now)! By destroying things, like cutting a stove in half (so you can see the inner workings)! And photographing it all!!

If you have lost track that is:

  1. food
  2. photography
  3. destruction
  4. books
  5. science-y stuff

It is so awesome. I cannot stop looking at photos from it. SO COOL.

Tell me that is not amazing. Tell me you do not want 6 volumes of that. The last one being waterproof so you can keep it IN THE KITCHEN. Now to find a spare $500…..

It goes without say that both photos are from the book, duh. In another TED talk a guy was talking about a 30-day challenge, if there is something you have always wanted to do, but never got around to it for whatever reason… do it for 30 days! And I cannot think of a single thing I can do for 30 days (or not do for that matter). He talked about giving up sugar, but there is just no way that I am going 30 days without sugar. Not possible. I would cease to function. Especially with Christmas coming up…. GINGERBREAD MAN COOKIES!!! THOSE ONES WITH THE RED SUGAR ON THEM!!!!




I was watching TV the other night when I saw the most horrendous commercial my eyes have yet to behold. Now normally one could assume that this is just my flair for the literary dramatic, in my writing style. Not this time. This time it truly was a sight to see. The commercial started out fine, no big deal. It was just people finding alternate (and sometimes odd) uses for the Microsoft Kinect system.  There were musicians practicing invisible instruments, a child reading a book on a TV screen and a surgeon flipping through x-rays. But then things fell apart. It was awful and actually a little scary.

I am sorry but the idea of Kinect being used to guide a bomb diffusing robot scares the bejeesus out of me!! It could go so horribly horribly horribly wrong. It makes me shudder to think. Given the myriad of problems with multiple Xbox’s I have experienced in the past I can only imagine. I do not want to live in a world where Kinect is used to save. Well, I guess no one would survive when it (inevitably) went awry. But still. What next? Directing a robotic arm to do surgery via Kinect? Please no!!!


Pizza Mia!

During the week whilst watching TV a commercial came on for pizza and I turned to Brent, eyes wide open, and muttered something about craving pizza. He agreed, also craving pizza. That seemed to be the end of it.

Until Saturday morning that is. For some reason those pizza cravings came back around on me, as if I had thrown them away, but they had a curve constructed within them in such a  way that they would eventually turn around… and hit me. Like some sort of magical returning stick of sorts. So I called up Brent with my demands of pizza in addition to Starbucks (BOGO Holiday drinks weekend) and TV. He agreed. The weather was nice so we headed out to King Slice for some pizza.

I may have misstated that. It was not “some” pizza, it was “a lot” of pizza. There is a reason this place is called King Slice and there is a reason it was voted the best pizza slice in the city. The slice was gargantuan! And I thought the pizza-on-a-stick I had at the CNE was large, oh my. Well it appeared so at first. But the crust was nowhere near as thick, which is a good thing. This was also the garliciest pizza I have ever had. Finally a pizza slice that meets my high garlic demands! Not that other pizzas sucked for their lack of garlic, it is just nice to have a discernible amount of it. I had the peperoni for starters because I figured may as well go with the default when judging what is “the best”. I am still leaning towards Vesuvio’s, but I had it so long ago that it might just be my memory of how good it really was. I will have to try it again in the coming weeks (*HINT*) to verify. It was still a damn good slice. It puts regular pizza chains to shame.

And of course it all worked out perfectly that on our way back we passed a Starbucks during the BOGO time frame. I am not such a big fan of Starbucks anymore, I find the espresso has a burnt and bitter flavour to it. Especially since I started going to other places that serve amazingly good espressos (St. James Coffee Bar, Aroma, Crema). But a few times a year I still wander in, desperate for a specialty holiday drink. And it delivers. I seriously love the gingerbread latte. So much so I have often found myself on eBay and other websites considering purchasing the syrup they use to make it. I should’ve just stocked up before quitting! My boss would’ve sold it to me wholesale too. I suppose I could try and buy it from a cafe, apparently it would be insanely cheaper than the internet. This is insane. Meh, it’s not so bad dipping cookies in my coffee, in the hopes that crumbs will break off in it.



♪Tra La La La Laaaa ♫

I was on the bus yesterday and I could hear this guy’s music playing. I was two people over, we were on a loud bus speeding on the highway, I was listening to some (oh so wonderful) TED talks and yet… I could hear clear as day that he was listening to Backstreet Boys. You have got to be more careful these days when loading songs onto your iPod, not just if you’re nearly deaf and most everyone can hear that your playlist consists of Backstreet Boys and Lady Gaga. It is not recommended to have songs that make you want to break out in song & dance on your playlist. Even if you are listening at home in your iPod dock, you should still be wary of it. It is not a good idea to toss your weights aside in the middle of a shoulder press just because you HAVE TO belt out the chorus to Journey’s Don’t Stop Believing. Really, it is a bad idea. And also you run the risk of people throwing your door open and running in singing Queen’s I Want To Break Free. If you are about to open said door as they are barreling towards it… *kablam* it won’t end well.

So I urge you, pay more attention when you compile playlists for your iPod/other music devices. You don’t want anyone getting hurt do you? DO YOU??

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