Pure Brilliant…Brilliance? Whatever…

02 Nov

I have buried my head these past few days working on a new website. It is like 10 years ago when I discovered GeoCities and just went to town making one crappy website after another just because I could. Well this new one is specifically about my travels (to the US, I haven’t enough to make a Canadian one yet… so sad, I know and I haven’t even been to any other country).

Here is my plan. From hence forward I will take really cheesey souvenir photos of me at tourist-y locations/landmarks. What I have in mind at the moment is the cherry-on-a-spoon statue in Minnesota… Minneapolis?

It seems every vacation I take, I am always drawn to such things. And I get such a kick out of them too! When we go to Wisconsin I plan to buy a cheesehead hat and in Texas/Alberta I want to buy a cowboy hat. I will make it all into a website… an interactive website! What?! Yep, people can post where I should go next… maybe even send me hats to wear?

Of course this all in the pipeline to come… at the earliest in the spring after I graduate.

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Posted by on November 2, 2011 in Adventures of Pinka!


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