I suck at geography

03 Nov

In conjunction with the last post: I seem to be fixated on Minneapolis, I have no idea why. Well, no, I kind of do. In my head it seemed close, right next to Illinois/Wisconsin. And given that Wisconsin was recently put on the table as a possible somewhat-near-future road trip destination, I figured it was a stones throw to Minneapolis. It is not. It seems I always underestimate how close something is. I do still want to go there though. Sadly it is mostly just to see the sculpture garden.

Wisconsin being put on the table is in part what had inspired yesterday’s idea for a new undertaking because all I want from Wisconsin is a cheesehead hat. Then I thought about my project… photos… of me. Dealbreaker. Maybe I will do something like my souvenir in place of me instead? Much easier on the eyes.

The larger addition to my road trip logging is the addition of food photography next time, only further compounding the title of what it is: travel food photojournalism. Tongue tied anyone?

I just looked at that map. OMG WE CAN GO TO MILWAUKEE!!!!!!!!!!

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