Oh Boy! Oysters!

06 Nov

I wish I had had that much enthusiasm regarding our lunch plans of going to Oyster Boy. You see, me and oysters/mussels, I really don’t remember which, we do not have such a happy past. I shant get into the details here, but I can assure you it made me not like oysters/mussels, and yet somehow I did not mind clam chowder. I decided however to suck it up and risk it. How bad could it be? These were said to be the best oysters in town, albeit not as big a draw as it could be if we lived on the coast, nevertheless we headed out. The place was empty given that we arrived soon after opening hours, it was really nice. We got to talk to the people who work there and the service was incredibly fast. Beside our table on the wall there was a map of Chesapeake Bay so we tried to find where we had been while we waited for our food. It turns out that the Chesapeake Bay is a lot bigger than I had imagined and there is a lot of it I have not seen… yet.

For starters we ordered a plate of raw oysters, which came with 3 in-house made sauces which were really good. The oysters themselves were really good and so much fun to eat but a little bit messy. Six oysters between two hungry people is nowhere near enough food so we also each ordered a dish. We could not have diverged more in the choice of meals. Brent went the “traditional” way and had fish & chips, while I decided to be continue the adventurous spirit and ordered sturgeon something-or-other. It was sturgeon cut up into little tiny pieces and marinated in citrus juices. It may not have looked appetizing but it was really good.

All in all, thumbs up. Except now I am craving fresh seafood from the coast. I have added “eat a whole lobster while in Maine” to my list of life’s goals. Which I used to have posted as a widget on my old blog and it did not get transferred over. Time to start it over again and re-edit and refresh it.


2 responses to “Oh Boy! Oysters!

  1. joehoover

    November 7, 2011 at 5:27 am

    I love oysters but my body punishes me for them, they are the one thing to make me violently ill, but then they can’t have been as fresh as they need to be

    • kanysh

      November 13, 2011 at 2:09 pm

      oohh unfresh oysters. we were kind of afraid of that when we went to Oyster Boy, especially given that Toronto is nowhere near the coast XD lol


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