89.) Glue A Book, Hollow It Out

11 Nov

I have recently undertaken the project of gluing the pages of a book together to then hollow out a “secret” compartment within. Mostly this is for the fun of destruction, albeit I am also doing this as a prototype for a future pro

ject. It’s great, I get to say cheesy things like “in the process of destruction, I am creating something new” and then giggling viciously at how awful it is.

Step one was to acquire a book to “destroy”. I went to Yonge Street to a used book store. Gold mine. Outside on a shelf marked “$1.00”  I found an encyclopedia from the 1980s. Inside I was at a loss as to where the register was, everywhere I looked all I saw were piles of old books. Eventually I heard a quiet voice from behind one pile, so I went over and handed a loonie over the pile of books. It was an odd experience to say the least.

In one day, gluing together about 40 pages, I managed to run out of glue. Only about 600 pages left to glue.

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Posted by on November 11, 2011 in Life's Goals


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