Musings of Sorts

17 Nov

For a while I have been thinking about maybe purchasing a laptop (I even toyed with the idea of a netbook, but for some reason the lack of a DVD drive is unfathomable to me, I simply cannot function sans one). Except then I realized how much less productive I could be (oh the potential!), how much more distracted I would be! How to fix that? And it hit (thankfully not literally, that would kill me)… a typewriter! How awesome would it be to sit in transit (say, on the new super-quiet and surprisingly already dirtied new TTC subway cars?) and just tak tak tak away at a typewriter! There would be no solitaire, no Facebook, no YouTube just sheer awesome writing. Did Orwell write his great novels on a laptop, while playing Minesweeper. Nope. Point made.

Apparently I am (somehow surprisingly) not the first person to think of this either.

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Posted by on November 17, 2011 in Life's Goals


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