♪Tra La La La Laaaa ♫

18 Nov

I was on the bus yesterday and I could hear this guy’s music playing. I was two people over, we were on a loud bus speeding on the highway, I was listening to some (oh so wonderful) TED talks and yet… I could hear clear as day that he was listening to Backstreet Boys. You have got to be more careful these days when loading songs onto your iPod, not just if you’re nearly deaf and most everyone can hear that your playlist consists of Backstreet Boys and Lady Gaga. It is not recommended to have songs that make you want to break out in song & dance on your playlist. Even if you are listening at home in your iPod dock, you should still be wary of it. It is not a good idea to toss your weights aside in the middle of a shoulder press just because you HAVE TO belt out the chorus to Journey’s Don’t Stop Believing. Really, it is a bad idea. And also you run the risk of people throwing your door open and running in singing Queen’s I Want To Break Free. If you are about to open said door as they are barreling towards it… *kablam* it won’t end well.

So I urge you, pay more attention when you compile playlists for your iPod/other music devices. You don’t want anyone getting hurt do you? DO YOU??

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Posted by on November 18, 2011 in Adventures of Pinka!


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