Vesuvio’s Erupts… With Flavour!

27 Nov

I maintain what I had said previously about Vesuvio’s having the best pizza. And it is not just me who thinks so, I had initially read about it in the Toronto Star and while were there they had a plaque from Dine T.O stating Best Pizza 2011. Not that I disliked King Slice. It is just that Vesuvio’s pizza was more flavourful with more spices or herbs or whatnot. But if you took the garlicky-ness and size of King Slice and added that in, then you would have a Frankenstein’s perfect pizza slice. Oh, and Pizzeria Libretto’s awesome different toppings like Italian sausage. Or I could get a slice of each and pile them all on top and just pig out.

We also went to Bunner’s Bakeshop because it was voted best gluten-free and best new bakery in 2009. The gypsy cookie was weird, you would bite into it and it was a weird texture/held together oddly. At first it was like eating a pile of cereal that dried up in a clump, but then you would chance upon a chocoalte chip and then there was a bit of a weird taste. The whoopie pie however was, I am still at a loss for words. We each took a bite and then looked at each other like “what?!” and then it was kind of OK in the middle but then it tasted funny again.

To wash that down I demanded a pit-stop at Crema Coffee. I wanted to try their espresso. It falls on the more bitter side of the spectrum. Without going over the edge to the burnt flavour you get at places like Starbucks and Second Cup etc… It was still really good, it had that strong coffee flavour to it, like the espresso at Dark Horse, it was very different than what I had at other places like St. James Coffee Bar and Big Guy’s Little Coffee Shop and Aroma Espresso Bar. Anywhere between mild & nutty to bitter(ish) & flavourful is fine by me, but I draw a line at burnt awful tasting espresso. There is a reason I only ever get the pumpkin spice of gingerbread latte at Starbucks. The flavour syrups cover up the awful taste of the espresso.


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