It’s That Time of Year Again…

28 Nov

Christmas music can be rather irritating, especially when it is being played in the beginning of October (*cough, Hollister, cough*) or if it is the same few songs played repeatedly ad-nauseam… or worst of all: Celine Dion is singing, *shudders*. But past a certain point, say when it is closer to Christmas and the Christmas TV shows start up, then it is not so bad. Or is it? I don’t know what it is but I seem to have been paying more attention since last year to what some of these songs are about. It is not looking good:

  • Serena Ryder’s song Calling To Say. What do I find so wrong about this song? Why is she being a shit-stirrer and calling her ex on Christmas? Are the holidays (supposedly) not stressful enough as it is? What a dumb idea this is, and the worst line has to be “I’ve been seeing someone, OK that’s a little lie, there is no other guy”. How is this a Christmas song?!
  •  “Say what’s in this drink?” not a good line to be had in a Christmas song about a guy who is basically almost holding this poor woman hostage and slowly but surely, “well, maybe just a half drink more” getting this poor woman hammered. This guy does not know what he word NO means. Sheesh.
  • One, this video is hilarious. But more importantly this song is so dumb. “I’M drivin’ home for Christmas.. dum dum dum….”. It is entertaining how much it irritates my sisters (who just LOVE Christmas music).

They play these two over and over and yet do they ever play The Grinch song or Frosty The Snowman? It has been over a week and I have only heard “thumpity thump thump, thumpity thump thump look at Frosty go” once. Whereas the other two? Too many times to count.

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