03 Dec

On Wednesday I braved the cold weather and headed out downtown, it was the last day of having a MetroPass and I had to take advantage of it. Plus I needed to do some actual Christmas shopping. I had underestimated just how cold it was outside though. I was wearing tight skinny jeans and running shoes, with ankle socks. You know that little bit of exposed skin from your pants bunching around the ankle and the sock being cut so low? Just awful in the cold. Conveniently I had a coupon to American Eagle for $1o off, no minimum purchase. I scored myself a nice pair of warm thick-knit over-the-knee socks. Which I promptly changed into after stepping outside and figuring it could not possibly be that cold out. It was. I scurried back to the Eaton Centre, to the nice new bathrooms in the nice new food court and changed my socks while balancing precariously on top of my shoes, so as not to touch the floor with my bare feet, sending shock waves of ice cold shivers throughout. Worst, feeling, ever.

Eventually, as always, I made my way to Brent’s office building. But not before stopping in at Winners to have a quick look-see. And it was a good thing I went. I found my beloved gingerbread Torani syrup!! Alas, it being so close to Christmas, I am stuck on a shopping ban. I texted the parties holding me to this ban, but did not hear back until I was at Bloor. I did later ask Lucy to swing by the next day, alas she said it was nowhere to be found. I should’ve bought it, it was the only one there, I regret this.

Anyways, hungry and cold, Brent led the way. As we walked in the dark and the cold, at some point Brent realized that we were in fact on Jarvis St., not on Church St. where the best burritos are, at Chino Locos. Why burritos you may ask? The really keen readers/people who know me well, know that I hate beans. All beans, even jelly beans. When presented with a dish containing beans (usually soup) I eat around them leaving a plate with a sad pile of beans. So why would I want to get a burrito?! Well I was on the website looking at what they had to offer and it actually sounded reasonably good. And the beans? I just asked for a burrito sans-black beans. Problem solved.

The burrito was huge. I ordered it with half the noodles and it was still insanely large. It was pretty good tasting, however I did not care for the guacamole, but thankfully it was contained along the side edge of the burrito, so I just avoided that last little bite, leaving an awkward margin full of guacamole. Every once in a while I encountered a newly familiar taste that I have only recently experienced, I think it was in the bento box. I have no idea what the odd flavour was. I say it was the edamame beans, of which I ate two. They are tasteless in the burrito context. How was the spiciness? You could order it in varying degrees, I had medium and it was just the right amount. I did try a bite of Brent’s fish burrito and it was a tad too spicy for me. And also: I totally made the better choice. Chicken trumps fish.


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