03 Dec

What would possibly make me stop in my tracks, let out a high-pitched short gasp-scream leaving me breathless and at a loss for words? So much so that I just stood there pointing, dumbfounded? What dear readers, what?!

What else could it possibly be but… *drum roll*…

BULK BARN! DOWNTOWN! OMG!!! I was half-jokingly considering opening one downtown given the fact that there isn’t one there, and with all the university and college students milling about, I COULD’VE BEEN RICH. But this is good too. I will no longer have to trek to Mississauga (in the warmer months, by bike) or to Woodbine Mall (in colder months when I have a MetroPass and am heading so far north to Humber) to buy tea and candy. I will never run out of tea again! All my cravings will be a stones throw away to be filled!… wait…. oh crap. I am going to go broke and get far. Damn double-edged sword!!!

We had been walking along College Street and we were perplexed by the giant line-up of people waiting to get in to the Maple Leaf Gardens- turned- Loblaws and laughing at how ludicrous it was and then the whole “lost for words” thing happened. Yet, if there was such a line-up to get into Bulk Barn…. I would sadly be there.

And also under the title of *gasp* we were in Wal-Mart yesterday looking for safety pins to hold up the fort and they had an entire shelf of mini-cupcake makers! It was amazing!! Never have my eyes beheld such wonderful sites as this past week.


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