07 Dec

I had this great idea for a see-through toaster, for people like me who don’t really pay attention to the setting and just pop the toast out to see if it is toasted to their liking and continue as such until it meets their high toast standards. I was going to chronicle my fascination and interest in toasters from the toaster we found at the cottage that we were going to smash apart to see the inner bits (which ended up being rescued by my friends mom and used for the next day’s breakfast) to the Toaster Project book to that time I broke the toaster because a poltergeist put a lighter inside, which promptly imploded gently. But nooo…. apparently someone stole my idea and is selling it for an inordinate amount of money. Who would spend almost $300 on a toaster?! Sadly, if I had the money, I would totally buy it.

It would go great with my future (not futuristic, simply “to be acquired in the future”) electric crepe maker. What? I didn’t tell you? Oh yes, I was in the Eaton Centre food court and I walked by that crepe place I am so fond of… and I stopped in my tracks, and mid-sentence let out an expletive laden exclamation. They were selling those round things that they use to make crepes!! Since I had initially seen one I had always assumed that I would be buying one from a restaurant owner or begging a restaurant supplier to sell me just one, or two, depends. But now, Crepe De Licious is selling them for $150, whihc seems like a reasonable price given I was expecting to be paying upwards of $500, at least. The absolute best part of the whole thing? It comes with that little spatula-rake thingy to smooth it out!!!

Alls I need is a chef’s hat & apron… oh and a ton of money. But once I have the hat & apron, I am halfway there! Right?

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