Idea? Sorta?

08 Dec

A long time ago, by which I mean really a few years ago, I had an idea to use infrared scanners and tags in clothing stores [to see post]. The deal was you walk in and you could scan tags on clothing to see, price, sizes available, colours available, what else it goes with, what it looks like on a person if you are too lazy to try it on etc… At the time it seemed like a far out idea, having to make new tags and the scanners and all that. But now that some genius (no sarcasm, I think it really is cool) invented QR codes, it would be quite a bit easier to implement. Plus more info could be added such as what the garment is made of without you having to poke around and look for the increasingly-harder-to-find tag on the inside.

qrcode Go ahead, scan it. This is a real code.

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