10 Dec

I finally managed to find my beloved gingerbread syrup… only to find that it doesn’t really work well in my coffee. I drink it too strong for the gingerbread flavour to stand out. Thankfully I also have a horrid hot chocolate addiction (1-2 a day) and it goes great in my hot chocolate! At the moment I am hooked on white hot chocolate, which Bulk Barn started carrying. Thank goodness they are opening that one on College & Yonge, by the time I run out it should be open, just in time for me to blow any money I have left after the Christmas season on white hot chocolate. There are ample cocaine jokes that can be made here. Go nuts.

And to top it off? More gingerkids cookies. They taste so good when dunked in white hot chocolate… and now I am craving it real bad.

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Posted by on December 10, 2011 in Adventures of Pinka!


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