♪It’s The Most Wonderful… *meow*…♪

20 Dec

This happens to be Mruczka’s first Christmas. I have been flooded with questions about how Mruczka is taking all this in. How is she dealing with their being a Christmas tree in the house? Is she attacking the presents? Is she excited for the arrival of Santa? Or jealous that there is someone else with a comparable beard in the spotlight right now? Is she done her Christmas shopping yet?!


The tree: at first she was cautious about approaching it. She would slowly, almost crawl towards it. Then the vacuum cleaner was brought out to clean up the post-set-up mess. She had been locked in my room to keep away from the tree being set-up, as in kept out from underfoot. As soon as she heard the vacuum cleaner she freaked. She ended up crawling under my covers and hiding.

After that scary incident she slowly approached the tree, circled it, and plotzed underneath. The tree is in one of her usual sitting spots. Now, she is not scared of it anymore. As evidenced by all the pine needles and twigs stuck to her butt and her really poofy tail.

This morning I also caught her red-handed… or should I say glitter-nosed? She had managed to bat a glittery snowflake ornament off the tree. When I went over to see what was the matter, for she had caused such a clatter… her nose and whiskers were covered in glitter.

Later on, Camilla and Lucy were wrapping presents (like Elves) and Mruczka sat on the desk looking down on them, making sure they were working hard (like Santa). I thought I would have some fun with the situation and loaded a wonderful playlist on Camilla’s phone… of the Jingle Cats medleys. Mruczka was immediately intrigued. Where was it coming from? She started sniffing and pawing the phone. And then she almost fell off the desk. Another song came on, she jumped back up onto the desk… and nearly fell off the other side. She was purring like crazy and so cuddly. Who knew that Jingle Cats was the way to chill out a cat?

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