Rock ‘Em, Sock ‘Em… Monopoly!

22 Dec

I love playing Monopoly, just love it to pieces. For years rumours circulated that the only reason I won most of the time was because I was the banker and was therefore cheating. This theory was disproven when the role of banker was handed over to someone else, and I still won. I have since regained that role… because no one else likes it. During Thanksgiving Brent & Alex came over for a nice, friendly game of Monopoly. All was going well until I got caught up in all the trading and made a horrible trade with Brent. This was a turning point in the game and there was no room for a comeback. I lost, we all lost. Brent won. Since then my sisters swore vengeance in the form a rematch, so it was scheduled for the Christmas break, when all 5 of us were free again.

The showdown was yesterday. For weeks my sisters had been planning an allegiance with me, saying that together we would take down Brent. I on the other hand, formed a secret allegiance with Brent (team Brinka as he called us). Unbeknownst to either team that I had other ties. That is, until I strategically told them I spun it was I would get in close with the enemy and get on their good side to my own ends.

And did it work? Of course it worked. Not before some insanity broke loose. Alex could never get past GO because every turn he would land on Go To Jail. When he finally did pass GO, he had to relinquish his $200 to Brent as per some earlier-made trade agreements. He was not helped by the fact that he then landed on Income Tax. Out of pity, Camilla only took $1 from him when he landed on her built up property, she called it his lucky dollar. And it did bring her some luck in the game… but not enough.

In the end it was a final showdown. Me vs. Brent. He had the oranges with hotels. I had two whole corners of the board, from Park Place to Virginia, all hotels. For about 20 minutes we were just handing money back and forth, back and forth. Every turn around the board he would land on B&O Railroad and pay me, then next turn he would land on Luxury Tax… right between the two most expensive monopolies on the board. I was busy sorting his money out and organizing it to speed up game play… and he landed on Park Place and I didn’t notice! It was awful. Then he landed there again… and I was on Free Parking. I repeatedly threatened to throw the game board. Brent had purchased Pennsylvania and I had purchased No. Carolina and he paid me $1300 for it… even though he did not have Pacific. Which I was on, but it was his turn so I could not buy it. The race was on. It was a competition to get Pacific. And it was hilarious. Brent would always roll one too many or one too little and miss it by an inch, and then proceed to land on Luxury Tax. When he finally did land on Boardwalk he easily handed me the $2000. We both had so much money that the bank was out of $100s and $500s.

At this point the game had been going for 2.5hrs and it was nearing 10:30pm, which apparently, according to Brent, is quitting time. I would’ve kept playing but he decided that as soon as someone landed on Pacific and bought it, the game was over. Namely, he would lose because he forfeited. He missed Pacific by a long-shot and on my next turn, flush with cash from having just landed on Free Parking…. I landed on and bought Pacific. And then the victory dance began. I had beaten him by so much. In the end he had just over $5K while I had $18K. Albeit the monetary worth of properties was not calculated, so I could’ve won by a much larger margin given he had one monopoly, two railroads, water works, a red and two greens while I had 4 monopolies, two railroads, electricity works,  a red, a green and a yellow

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