Top Reasons Why I “Love” Baseball

24 Jan

You might be asking yourself, why on God’s green earth I have been to so many baseball games, and will attend an additional more baseball games this road-trip season. So I give you, my all-time best reasons why:

  1. The fights. You would think I have mistaken baseball for hockey here, but nope. I have seen my fair share of coaches getting all up in the refs face, taking their hat off so that they can get even closer to his face as they yell (and presumably spit).
  2. The booing. Nothing makes a game more fun than watching the stadium erupt in angry boos. Best combo so far has been the Phillies fans booing the SF Giants guy-with-ridiculous-beard-who-is-just-plain-nuts. Never have I ever heard so much yelling, some people even stood up so that they would seem louder. Entertaining as hell.
  3. The food. I think this is at least half the reason that we go to these games. Why else would we have gone to Baltimore? To enjoy the wonderful city? Lordie, no. We went so that we could eat at Boog’s. How good was the food? Amazing, so totally worth melting in the sun while munching on ice chips and periodically having to un-stick my thighs from the plastic seat (it made a horrible noise for those of you who were wondering). In Ohio, another city we only visited for the food, I got to stuff my face full of fried food. How was the baseball game you ask? I have no idea, the deep-fried cookie dough however was out of this world.
  4. The animals. No, I do not mean the baseball players. I mean the seagulls/pigeons/squirrels (this last one I only saw on TV). They gave me something to watch when I got bored, basically whenever there was no fight on the field. Or dancing mascots.
  5. The mascots. Phillies Phanatic, you’ve won my heart.
  6. Lesser mascots. In Ohio, I got to watch a giant ketchup, mustard and some other super slow condiment race around the diamond (it was really down to just the ketchup and mustard).
  7. The free stuff. So far, not so great but I anticipate better this year. Last year there was free ice in Baltimore (tropical heat wave pushed the temperature into the high 40s… Celsius, you yank). In Philadelphia the Phanatic rode around on a truck outfitted with a cannon that shot… HOT DOGS!!! INTO THE CROWD!!! I am still really mad that I did not get one. This year so far that I know of is: t-shirt and soft cooler. I had better get at least one.
  8. The drunks. Both a good thing and a bad thing. They can be very entertaining, like that dad who traded off with his kids. At the start of the game, the kids were loud and yelling and slowly they got tired… and he got drunker and louder. It was nice. Sometimes it can go very very wrong, such as that drunk chick behind us in (of all places) Baltimore, “I’m going to die of sun cancer” and “Hey, hey Toronto guy, turn your [Blue Jay’s] hat inside out!” are just some of the wonderful things we got to hear her yell in her awful voice.
  9. The wave!! So much fun, even moreso because it irritates certain people. Not fun when your thighs are stuck to the chair though, then it is just painful as hell. Damn heatwave.
  10. The things from that song/culture: eating Cracker Jacks (which I managed to wolf down before the game even started), eating peanuts and throwing shells all over the floor (as me and my sister did, I am pretty sure that is the sole reason we went to the game) and eventually I will have a “beer at a baseball game” and complete my list of basebally-things-to-do.
  11. And the clothes. I have an affinity for those shirts with the 3/4 length sleeves in a different colour.
  12. Getting to freely yell stuff, if I so choose.

    LOVE ❤

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